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Saiyuki, Kougaiji/Goku, Transendence

Title: Light
Author/Artist: silver_magess
Theme: Stages of Change-Transcendence
Rating: G

Kougaiji's little slip up had left him feeling, light, for lack of a better word. Even as he walked away, he'd felt so calm that the monkey's insults had no effect on him and his lips weren't tingling as he'd thought they would. He wasn't disappointed though; this embarrassment was one of the high points of his life. It probably wasn't for Goku, but he hadn't done it for him. It was that freedom that had made the encounter so enthralling and hopefully it'd carry over to the next one, if Goku didn't kill him first.
Tags: kougaiji/son goku, saiyuki, stages of change: transcendence
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