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Prince of Tennis Kawamura Takashi X Fuji Shuusuke - Five Stages of Physical Intimacy: Kissing

Title: None
Author: Hex
Theme: Five Stages of Physical Intimacy: Kissing
Rating: PG

It was an innocent thing, the touch that Kawamura pressed to Fuji’s ear. It was that his lips had delivered it that made it intimate, or more so, than if it had been the brush of a finger or a palm.

Touching was an awkward thing when what Kawamura wished he could do was so vast and multifaceted and what he was sure he was allowed to do, was so small and restrictive.

But the boundaries became broader when Fuji moved and pressed his lips to Kawamura’s. They wrapped themselves around each other a little more tightly and for the first time, really kissed.
Tags: physical intimacy: kissing, prince of tennis, takashi kawamura/shuusuke fuji
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