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Prince of Tennis: Kikumaru Eiji X Oishi Shuichiro Five Days of the Working Week - Wednesday

Title: None
Author/Artist: Hex
Theme: Five Days of the Working Week - Wednesday
Rating: PG-15

Eiji rolled over in bed. Oishi was still sleeping, sprawled out on his stomach. Sunlight was beginning to fill the room. It highlighted the grooves and hollows of Oishi’s back, showing off his muscles. Eiji moved in to run his tongue along a shoulder blade. Oishi moaned.

Eiji pulled away from the skin he was tasting to murmur good morning. Oishi grunted in return.

“You know what some people call Wednesday, Oishi?” Eiji asked, pressing himself to Oishi’s back. “Hump day.” He rolled his hips for emphasis.

“I don’t think this is what they meant.” Oishi groaned and pressed back against Eiji.

“Then they have it all wrong.”
Tags: five days: wednesday, prince of tennis, shuichiro oishi/kikumaru eiji
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