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Cardcaptor Sakura: Sonomi/Fujitaka, five changes - Transcendence

Title: New Year's Resolutions
Author: aoife_hime
Theme: 5 Changes - Transcendence
Rating: PG (for slight drunkeness)

New Year's Resolutions

She’d had just a little too much champagne, of that she was certain. It was always difficult for her not to want to get tipsy (or sometimes something a little more than that) at the family New Year’s party, though, what with virtually all of the Amamiya family packed into her mansion, gossiping and getting into spats with each other like particularly nasty teenagers.

Sonomi wandered in the general direction of the kitchen, not looking for anyone in particular when she heard the familiar laughs of her cousins, Nadeshiko’s sisters, echoing through the hallways. The sound made her cringe visibly; she’d never held much love for the girls that would endlessly tease their sweet little sister while they were growing up.

“Did you see the tie he was wearing? Atrocious!” one commented snidely. More comments followed. Despite not catching every word, Sonomi knew the object of their ridicule.

“Would you harpies shut up?” Sonomi complained loudly, the alcohol greatly loosening her already powerful tongue. “Fujitaka-sensei is as much a part of this family as you are, and even if you feel like badmouthing the entirety of our family tree tonight, lay off him.”

“Nadeshiko’s been dead for over ten years, Sonomi-kun. Why do you keep inviting him? Don’t you hate him more than anyone?”

“No,” she replied, effectively shutting up her cousins. “He’s a good man and has done much for his family. More than any of you have ever done for yours.”

Her cousins looked at her strangely, as if seeing her for the first time in their lives. All were too afraid to contradict her, however, so in the end their group dispersed, making their excuses and grabbing their coats to go.

“I didn’t do this for you, you know,” she said to the man she could instinctively tell was standing behind her. “You were her husband; I couldn’t let anyone dirty her memory, even if that meant defending you.”

Fujitaka nodded, smiling slightly as Sonomi turned to face him, empty champagne flute hanging loosely from her fingers.

“Quite the party, Sonomi-kun. I think you’ve outdone yourself this year,” he said after a while, breaking the silence that hung between them. She didn’t reply, just walked towards him, grabbing his hand and leading him up the stairs and to a fairly unused room. “Where are we going?” He sounded worried, but that just made Sonomi grin.

“I thought we’d get away from the noise,” she replied, opening the French windows and taking a seat in a chair on the balcony. Without a second thought, he joined her, relaxing for the first time since setting foot in her house that evening.

The stars shined brilliantly in the winter sky as the two sat in companionable silence well past the magical midnight hour.
Tags: cardcaptor sakura, kinomoto fujitaka/daidoji sonomi, stages of change: transcendence
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