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Gundam Wing; Trowa Barton/Quatre Winner; Seven Sins: Lust

Title: Saligiare 3/7
Author: Misanagi
Theme: Seven Deadly Sins – Lust
Rating: NC17 overall
Pairing: 3x4
Warnings: Angst.
Summary: About decisions, right and wrong, and the path they build.
Thanks a lot to Anne for the beta.


I can't not kiss him back.

If he had attempted to kiss me four months ago he would have seen that when I said no, it was a lie. But he didn't and I let him walk away. Not this time. A kiss can't be avoided or ignored like words. Not his kiss.

I put my arms around him, part my lips and taste him. The whiskey is there but there's also something that is only Quatre. My hands slid under his shirt and I run them up and down his back. He smiles into the kiss.

My hands stop moving and with my lips still pressed to him, I ask, "what?"

"You, touching me." He kisses the side of my lip. "I've dreamed of this."

I've dreamed of him too. Lust. Wanting him, desiring him. "Have you ever done this before?" I don't want to know but I need to ask.

"No. Not with another man."

I move back a little, my arms trembling because my body knows what it wants and I'm pulling it away from it, from him.

"I want this," Quatre says before I can convince myself this isn't right.

I want it too. Crave it, have fantasized about it, touched myself thinking of him. Touched others with him in mind.

Quatre starts stripping. First, his socks, and then his shirt. He unzips his trousers and pulls them down, and I remain quiet even though I know I should stop him. He stands up from the couch and takes off his boxers. Standing nude in front of me, he asks, "Do you want this, Trowa?"

My body answers for me, my hands pulling him close so I can kiss his stomach, smell him, hold him. He lets me. Puts his arms around my neck and whispers encouragements, tells me how much he wants me, wants this, how long he has thought about this, how happy he is.

I stand up at some point and kiss his mouth again. He strips me, quickly, almost desperately, and touches me and holds me. I don't know where he got the lube from and I don't ask. He covers our hands in it and guides my fingers inside him. I prep him while he spreads lube on my cock, stroking me.

He pulls me to the couch. Me on top of him, his legs bend at the knees and spread open. "I want you, Trowa," he repeats, and this time I tell him I want him too.

I slide inside him slowly, my gaze firmly locked on his face. His eyes are closed until I'm all the way in and I can see him grimace slightly. He's in pain. I stop. He opens his eyes and looks at me, urging me to continue. I see him, and I see myself reflected in him. I know then…

It isn't lust. It's love.
Tags: gundam wing, seven deadly sins: lust, trowa barton/quatre raberba winner
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