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Title: Untitled
Author/Artist: Sudachi
Theme: Hugging
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Some cursing

Konzen sighed as he glanced around the crowded ballroom. He hated these 'parties' as they were called; boring political functions in pretty disguises, celebrations given by those who craved power and had nothing worth celebrating.

The saru liked them, however. Goku enjoyed the festivities and, more importantly, the free food. That was the only reason he came, Sanzo assured himself, to get out of having to feed his ward for the evening. Nothing at all to do with a certain war god who often attended.

Not that he was here tonight, Konzen concluded, giving the room one final search before turning his attention to the last place he had seen Goku. He nodded, somewhat pleased to find the boy still standing at the dessert table. Konzen made his way through the crowd, placing one hand on Goku's shoulder.

The boy smiled up at him, his lips covered in white cream and a red sauce, neither of which came from the chocolate cake or cookies he currently held in his small fists. Konzen glared at the happy child, shaking his head. "Damn it, use a plate next time! And put those away, we're leaving." He sighed as Goku's expression crumpled, the boy going into full pout mode. "But.. but Konzeeeen! I'm not finished!"

The man glanced away, looking for the nearest exit, and barely concealed a gasp as he found himself staring at the very man he had been looking for. He waved away the rest of Goku's arguments, meeting Homura's gaze head-on. "Fine.. just hurry up and finish."

Konzen headed away silently, barely noticing as Goku returned to his sugary meal. He frowned as Homura turned away, disappearing out the door he had just entered. "Asshole.." Konzen muttered, scowling even as he followed the man out into the hallway.

"What the hell is your problem?"

Homura turned at the cordial greeting, smiling as best he could, given the amount of pain he was currently in. "My apologies, Konzen Douji. I should not have come.." The war god frowned, leaning against the wall slightly. "I simply wanted to see who was in attendance tonight."

Konzen nodded, not believing the excuse for a moment. "Right." He gestured to the fresh gauze that covered Homura's right temple. "What happened?"

The war god smiled lightly. "Occupational hazard...." He forced himself to stand straight, only stumbling a bit as he turned away. "Go back to your party."

Konzen groaned inwardly as he stepped forward. "Idiot." He slid one arm around the war god's waist, pressing his other palm flat on the man's chest as he allowed Homura to relax against him. "Where the hell is your room?"

Homura smiled softly, giving directions as they made their way down the hallway. Severe concussion, the doctors had told him... likely to cause nausea, dizziness, even fainting. Every bit of advice he was given had ended with "stay in bed". Still, the man decided, it had been well worth the long trip to finally feel Konzen Douji's embrace.

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