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Tad Coast

Saiyuki, Nii/Kou, Five Stages of Physical Intimacy

Title: Untitled
Author/Artist: Tad Coast
Theme: Hugging
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: Vague spoilers for Saiyuki manga vol. 8
Previous Posts: Part 1

"Hmm. I wish you wouldn't act that way." He sighs, and pouts as best he as able, but Bunny only turns its back with a humph. This makes him laugh, for Bunny is hopelessly cute, and much better at moping than he can ever hope to be.

"My, but jealousy does become you...even as unfounded as it is." Bunny does not agree, however, refusing to turn its head. He laughs again, and Bunny covers its ears, for it finds the teasing intolerable.

"Oh, I am sorry. I know this is a serious matter. Still, I'm sure our dear Rabbit Prince would agree that you have no real reason to be jealous." He motions with his voice, and Bunny cannot help but to follow with black eyes, glassy beads that glimmer with emotion in the right light.

He does not speak as he is addressed, nor does he stir, for he has not truly heard. His eyes only stare ahead at memory, holding less in their gaze than a doll. Bunny moves to still form in Master's arms and touches his cheek, the cloth-skin of its paw growing damp with the caress.

"Do you see? If anything, you should pity our poor Prince. He has had such a hard time, after all." He shakes his head solemnly, yet for the mock-sympathy in his voice, he cannot help his grin. "And oh, the terrible, terrible things he has seen."

He still says nothing, and still does not move, but he hears this time, for fresh streams flow from his eyes. What terrible things he has seen, indeed: those he loves, those he cherishes, and all suffering in his mind, through branded whips and heated irons and violent penetrations. And through endless visions, he can only watch them suffer, and hear them cry out to death for mercy, for all know that their precious lord has failed; they know, and he knows that their Prince is helpless, and far too weak to save them.

This is what he has seen, and still sees, for it is the only choice he has been given, and the only reality he can now possess.

"Yes, yes, my pet." He murmurs, and sets Bunny on the pillow. "I knew you would understand." And Bunny nods, or would, if Master's hands were not drawing the rabbit closer, pulling the Prince against his chest with a tenderness Bunny no longer minds sharing. And he rocks slowly, and sings the same song of comfort, breaking its verses to whisper and wipe away tears.

"Don't worry, dear Prince." He smiles his cruel smile, and whispers his promise. "You will not suffer for long."

Tags: nii/kougaiji, physical intimacy: hugging, saiyuki
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