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Kyou Kara Maou: Five Loves of Yuuri Shibuya

Title: Obsession
Author: shayheyred
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Challenge: Five Loves
Character: Yuuri Shibuya
Warnings: None
Notes: Most people I know think this pairing is at the heart of KKM. I don't know if I agree or disagree, but there's a strong case to be made for it. What do you think?
Part I: Conception

"Conrad! Conrad!"

The day is won, but so much that Yuuri finds precious may have been lost.

Right now Yuuri doesn't feel like a victorious king, or a powerful Maou. Right now he's just a fifteen-year-old boy wracked with grief and doubt. He looks at the pale bloodied figure before him and thinks Dammit, I'm not worth your life!

Conrad, his guardian, his friend. His companion since he arrived in Shin Makoku. But Conrad knew him even before he was born; he gave him his name, helped with his arrival, and theirs is a link Yuuri may not understand but feels nonetheless. Since he arrived in this new, strange world, Conrad has been the only one who understands him completely. Whenever he meets Conrad's kind, warm gaze with his own, something passes between them that Yuuri can't explain. Whatever it is, it comforts him. It also gives him tingles up and down his body, like a mild electric shock – surprising, but pleasant.

It's strong enough that it makes Wolfram angry.


Don't die, Conrad, Wolfram said on the battlefield when he saw Conrad's grievous injuries. Dazed with his own shock and fear, Yuuri'd forgotten Wolfram, too, must be worrying – Conrad was -- is! IS, dammit! his brother. But Yuuri can't stop thinking what will happen if Conrad dies?

What will happen to me?

He's ashamed to be worrying about himself, but losing Conrad is unthinkable; not having him around for the last few months has been unbearable enough . He's never felt this way about anyone, that someone was as much a part of him as his own flesh. Conrad's like that. While he was missing, Yuuri thought about him all the time -- why he left, where he'd gone, how he was doing. Gunther and Gwendal thought his pursuit of Conrad was nothing short of an obsession.

But of course he'd never have let Conrad disappear! Of course he had to get him back! Conrad is his most important person—

Yuuri sits back on his heels and tries to catch his breath. Conrad is my most important person.

Am this...could this be...?

He should be freaked out by this. Conrad's male, so's he, and Conrad's older, but somehow none of that matters. Conrad's...Conrad.

Cheri stirs beside him. She's holding her son's hand, pouring healing magic into him. She's whispering something, soothing, motherly words that ordinarily would surprise coming from flighty, shallow Cheri. But Conrad engenders concern, and loyalty, and trust...and love. you, Conrad.

And in that moment, Conrad's eyes open, seeking his. There are tears in Conrad's eyes, and Yuuri feels his own welling up, and a lump growing in his throat. "Yuuri, you're safe."

The tingle is there, too, weak but present, and it doesn't matter if Wolfram notices, or anyone else for that matter. Yuuri's heart is filled with happiness. You're going to live. You're going to stay with me. "Yes, Conrad. I'm safe."
Tags: five loves, kyou kara maou, yuuri shibuya
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