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Hellboy: John T. Myers, Seven Virtues: Charity

Title: Funeral Arrangements
Author/Artist: Ariyana
Theme: Seven Virtues: Charity
Rating: [13+]
Word Count: 350
Disclaimer: The Hellboy characters are the property of Mike Mignola, Dark Horse comics, Revolution Studios and Columbia/Sony pictures. The Constantine characters are the property of Warner Brothers, DC/Vertigo comics and Village Roadshow Picture.
Author's Note: If all goes according to plan than all these virtue pieces will be backstory for a multi-chapter crossover I'm doing. That story can be found here. I realize this is late and I hope our hardworking mod will forgive me. I'll try to be more on time with the next one which I am working on. ^^

He had only known Angela and Isabel for a few short years but he considered them family. News of Isabel's death had saddened him. She was yet another person lost to him. From what he understood, Isabel had taken her own life in a desperate act to keep Mammon from crossing over and unleashing hell on Earth. The California Diocese only saw a woman commit a mortal sin; they knew nothing of her sacrifice.

Before heading out to Los Angeles he had to make a quick stop first. Purposefully he strode into the chapel of the BPRD. He wasn't a Catholic but when he saw the rack of unlit candles, he walked over and lit one candle for Isabel. He never spoken to Father Sanchez for more than a couple of minutes and usually he was with Hellboy or Liz.

"Agent Myers? I don't usually see you down here. Is something wrong?"

John turned around to see Father Sanchez walking down the aisle toward him. John took a deep breath and nodded. He wasn't a devout Catholic but he knew Isabel and Angela were and if Angie wanted Isabel to have a Catholic funeral he would do all he could to see it happen. John related the tale that Angela had told him, while Father Sanchez listened quietly. After awhile the Father looked thoughtful as he gazed toward the Crucifix at the front of the Chapel.

"Usually once a Bishop has made a ruling it stands but seeing as how she wasn't being selfish when she took her own life. I think we might work something out," Father Sanchez said softly.

"Like what?"

"I'll reside over her services but she must be brought here. If your friend does not object to having her sister buried in New Jersey I will be honored to see that she gets a proper Catholic funeral."

John felt a wave of relief and gratitude upon hearing Father Sanchez's words. "I don't know if Angela will agree but thank you. I'll be sure to tell her."

Father Sanchez smiled and gave John's shoulder a reassuring squeeze.
Tags: hellboy, john t. myers, seven virtues: charity
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