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New series Tomorrow People. Megabyte Damon/Adam Newman, Make up/Make up sex

Title: A little bit of patience.
Theme: Trouble in paradise - Make up/Make up sex
Fandom: New series Tomorrow People
Pairings: Megabyte Damon/Adam Newman, Jade Weston/Kevin Wilson, past Jade Weston/Megabyte Damon
Rating: R for language
Word count: 500
Warnings/Spoilers: swearing
Summary: Trouble in paradise scenario for the stages of love community. Set within the Dream team universe.

[I've always been scared that I'd do something wrong and you'd run] Adam swallowed hard and kept his face hidden, resting on Megabyte's chest. He knew his words would hurt but he had to say them and get everything out in the open once and for all where it could be addressed and put to rest.

Adam had barely turned seven when his parents were killed by a hit and run driver on the way to pick him up from a birthday party. After the funeral he'd been shipped off to live with his Uncle Grant. He was Adam's mum's older brother and was not keen on the idea of taking in a child. Shared grief and later shared joys had bonded them tightly after the initial struggles of adjusting to each other. Then, a month after he'd started Uni, Uncle Grant had announced he had cancer. Two months later he was gone and Adam was alone again.

He felt Megabyte tense and waited, barely breathing, for a response that did not come. Adam could tell Megabyte was crying though there was no sound. It was communicated in the way he kept his face hidden in Adam's hair, his body shaking as he suppressed the sobs. Adam knew what he was thinking, how he was punishing himself with recriminations and guilt. Trying to hide how upset he was so Adam wouldn't feel bad about saying what he needed to. When it came to taking blame for the problems they'd had Megabyte never faltered. He'd told Adam over and over again that he sucked at relationships, refusing to believe it when Adam disagreed.

Adam stroked Megabyte's back and pulled him closer. The sling that kept his injured arm tightly to his chest was quickly becoming more frustrating as it inhibited his ability to hold Megabyte the way he craved to. "If you want to leave after that, I'll…understand." It hurt to say it but he had to. To give Megabyte the out if he needed it. Adam wanted him and loved with everything he was, but he needed to know that Megabyte was here, because he wanted to be. Not because he felt pressured or obligated. That was one of the major issues that had caused the rift between Megabyte and Jade. The tighter she tried to hold on to him the more he'd pushed her away. Finally cumulating in Megabyte's decision to study in Colorado instead of at the University of London as he had originally planned.

Megabyte tightened his hold on Adam, shaking his head. [No. I'm staying]. "I'm…" his voice broke and he continued on telepathically, [staying].

For the first time since he had been shot. No, Adam corrected himself, since had told Megabyte that he was in love with him, Adam allowed himself to relax and trust that no matter what happened Megabyte would be there. It was time for both of them to put their pasts behind them and move forward into the future, their future.
Tags: megabyte damon/adam newman, tomorrow people, trouble in paradise
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