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◦ a girl like me ◦

House MD, Dr. Robert Chase/Dr. Allison Cameron, makeup/make-up sex

Title: Shots
Author/Artist: Ragna
Theme: Trouble in Paradise - makeup/make-up sex
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Okay, this was a lot of fun. I definitely need to write these two more often...


He'd quit and walked away from the hospital. Now he sat at a bar, slamming back a few shots, wondering why the hell he'd done what he'd done.

"Hey, Chase?"

He turned, saw Cameron behind him. "What?"

"You didn't really need to quit."

"Well, I did."

She sat next to him. He handed her one of his shots and she slammed it back. Finally, she said, "I think I may need a few more of these."


"Because right now I'm wondering why we haven't slept together again."

He signaled the bartender for more shots, giving her one. "Drink up."
Tags: house m.d., robert chase/allison cameron, trouble in paradise
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