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Star Lin

Prince of Tennis: Tachibana Kippei/Tachibana An, Intimacy

Title: Fireflies
Author: Star Lin
Theme: Intimacy
Rating: R
Author's Note: Gentle touch, fluttering like a warm night of fireflies.

Sun Drops and Water Rays
The Dancing of Lights

An’s anger had lit a fire in her veins but Kippei gentle it once he accepted what she was offering to him. She could feel his hands flutter down her spine, digging in at muscle that had been tightened from her anger, and kneaded the tightness away. She felt a gentle pressure from his tongue against her lips, questioning for entrance, her lips parting, and her own meet his in answer.

The kiss deepened and she felt warmth settle into her stomach. It spread out, making her feel like she could melt into her brother. She didn’t care if others would think this is wrong, to her it felt too right to have any kind of taint to it. Kippei broke the kiss before she could truly enjoy it. “Not here,” he said to her, eyes shinning with love, and she understood his unspoken question.

“Bedroom,” she answered, feeling arms wrap around her body, and Kippei stood up. Feather kisses moved down from her chin, down her neck, her senses dulling to her body being moved from the living area, and into a bedroom. Wing softness dance along her skin as clothing was removed. She followed those touch with her own, shirt pulled over her brother’s head so she could dance her own fingers against a hard flat stomach. Shivers pass over her frame, both from the cooler air over unclothes skin, and from the fluttering touches Kippei placed over her body.

She was eased onto the bed, his body covering her body, and warming it with his own body heat. An moaned as her breast was taken into her mouth, building the warmth into a summer night. Her brother’s touches reminded her of the fireflies’ wings against her palm cage. “Kippei,” she grasped, feeling his fingers moving over her, inside of her. Trickles of sweat broke out on her body and she became hotter, her brother’s skin slick under her hands.

“An…” she heard her brother say, a deep groan rising up from his chest. She opens her eyes, seeing the question that he asks with his eyes. She didn’t answer with words, moving so that she can wrap her legs around him, and she cried in joy and pain into his mouth as he pushed into her. Movement against each other, pushing against each other, hard but gentle, like a firefly trying to escape it’s palm cage.

Hotter, faster, pounding for some escape, a release from the heat that now surrounded them. Their cries of pleasure, falling to each other, screams of their name in each others’ ears, as they went over the edge together, and whispered love along with fluttering kisses. She drifted off to warm summer night breath against her skin, and beating firefly wings against her heart.
Tags: five stages of love, prince of tennis, tachibana kippei/tachibana ann
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