Matt1969 (matt1969) wrote in stagesoflove,

Stargate SG-1 Daniel/Vala - Trouble in Paradise: Reconciliation

Disclaimer: Characters belong to MGM et al.

He spots her in the off-world market just seconds before the bomb goes off. Time slows and it’s only because of Cameron dragging him that Daniel gets out of the blast zone.

He insists on taking part in the rescue effort. He’s been hoping to find Vala on one of their missions, and he won’t allow his search for her to end like this.

When she’s pulled from the rubble, he doesn’t leave her side. And when she opens her eyes, he makes sure he’s the first thing she sees.

“My Daniel,” she murmurs.

He’ll never let her go again.

Tags: daniel jackson/vala mal doran, stargate: sg-1, trouble in paradise
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