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FAKE: Dee Laytner/Randy 'Ryo' MacLean, intimacy

Title: Crossing Over
Author: shanaqui/edenbound (ficjournal)
Theme: Intimacy
Rating: G

It should've been sleeping in his bed that overwhelmed me, or having him in mine. Instead it was the way our homes crossed over. One week he brought his spare toothbrush, and left it, and it stayed. Next there was a spare set of clothes -- several spare sets, even -- in my home for him. And at the same time my ties all seemed to end up at his house.

It overwhelmed me but it made some small place inside of me feel... content, when I found his stuff strewn around my home. And I found myself hoping he'd follow.
Tags: dee laytner/randy 'ryo' maclean, fake, five stages of love
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