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FFX/X-2: Wakka/Rikku, smell

Title: Blitz
Author: shanaqui/edenbound (ficjournal)
Theme: Smell
Rating: PG

He'd forgotten what she was like. Lulu was so different. It was strange how different they were, how much more alien Lulu was to him even though she was a member of his own race, a woman he'd grown up with. Her eyes seemed stranger than Rikku's green swirls, he'd been more tentative about touching her.

And there Rikku was, all grown up now and wearing even less each time he saw her, bouncing up to him and putting her arms around his neck. He could smell the scent of her hair and the scent of girlish perfume, and he compared it to Lulu's scent and thought that Rikku's was nicer.

He pulled away quickly 'cause, eh, he was married, y'know? And he had something good going with Lulu, something very good. There was the kid and there was the moments she knew him better than he knew himself, the conversations they'd had when he'd been able to talk about things he'd never voice to anyone else.

He ignored the fact, as much as he could, anyway, that Rikku had once been like that with him. Once.

But still, she was around all the time, laughing and chattering and never seeming to stay still, and her perfume smelled of girls and flowers and when she joined the boys for a game of blitzball, her skin gleamed with sweat, but afterwards she smelled just as good.

Lulu was a wonderful fighter, as a mage, but she'd never be able to move like Rikku, never be able to blitz.

He ignored the fact that that might be what he really wanted.
Tags: final fantasy 10, final fantasy 10-2, five senses, rikku/wakka
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