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Amélie: Nino Quincampoix/Amélie Poulain, reconciliation

Title: recherché et trouvé
Author: shanaqui/edenbound (ficjournal)
Theme: Reconciliation
Rating: G

He sees her in the market, runs after her, catches her arm. For a moment she considers pretending not to know him, but he pulls her into his arms and kisses her and she decides to play it up; long lost lovers finally reunited.

They don't go home, not yet, too soon. They go to a coffee shop and talk, awkward, until she asks him what his hobby is now. And then it's floodgates opening, and he takes her hand and everything is like it used to be.

And she realises she's smiling, smiling like that girl did, because Nino is hers.
Tags: amélie, nino quincampoix/amélie poulain, trouble in paradise
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