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House M.D. -- Greg House/Brittany House -- "The Safety of Routine"

Title: The Safety of Routine
Characters/Pairing: Greg House/Brittany House, implied Brittany House/Kyle Porter
Prompt: #4 -- Intimacy
Word Count: 440
Rating: G
Summary: It's funny how even the small things change when you fall in love.
Author's Notes: Written from Brittany's POV.

Kyle is a simple man, and a man who, for that reason, likes his routine. Routines are safe, secure, predictable, just like Kyle is, which only made me appreciate him more.

When we somehow, sort of, unofficially made him leader of the Red Alert Squad, he brought his routine with him. In the interest of professionalism and organization, he said, not like had to explain it. One of his quirks was that we had to wear suits every time we flew out of state for an assignment. We presented a professional image to the people we had to deal with. Suits and ties, except in my case I got to skip the tie. Brian didn't mind it. Jake muttered a bit, but he was always there in shades of black and charcoal grey, much like his mood. Then there was always Kyle, immobile hair, maroon tie, crisply pressed white dress shirt. He never made us do anything he wouldn't do.

Of course, we all relaxed on the airplane and by the time it landed he was trying to fix his collar and adjust his tie again. He was neurotic like that. Because simple didn't ever mean uptight but he's always been so self-conscious. He couldn't help but strive for that impossible standard of perfection.

I always knew, by the way he smiled at me, that he was happier when we finally settled in and I could help him undo the fierce knot he'd somehow managed not to choke himself with and relax a little.

But that safety and security was good for me, and that's why he's my best friend, because he was always out to keep me safe all along.

Greg, on the other hand, wouldn't have lasted a minute in Kyle's kind of world, even though Greg is an unofficial member of the team. Greg is complex and complicated and reckless. He hates ties, and hates professional wear in general, unless I force him into it. He really doesn't care what he looks like, and I don't have to help him relax. Usually the Vicodin has already done that for me.

Yet at the end of the day he still smiles at me the same way. Like he wants me to be there, like there's a little something between me and him that isn't between us and anyone else. That's how I could tell I mattered to Kyle, and that's how I know I matter to Greg.

So maybe Greg wouldn't know routine if it bit him in the ass, but Kyle's managed to tolerate him so far. And in that, I get the best of both worlds.
Tags: five stages of love, greg house/brittany house, house m.d., intimacy
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