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SGA: Carson Beckett/Laura Cadman, Scent

Title: Night Five (4/5)
Author/Artist: chasingkerouac
Theme: Exploration of a Relationship Through The Five Senses
Pairing: Carson Beckett/Laura Cadman (Stargate Atlantis)
Rating: PG
Previous: Sight; Sound; Touch
Summary: There were a few little secrets that Laura kept from Carson. None of them terribly important, but small things she wanted to keep only for herself.

Night Five
IV. Scent

There were a few little secrets that Laura kept from Carson. None of them terribly important in the grand scheme of things, but small things she wanted to keep only for herself. Things like how she told people that blue was her favorite color, but it was really pink. Or how she claimed that she curled up close against him and pulled the blanket up to her neck on stormy nights because it was cold, when it was really because she had a fear of lightening. Irrational yes, but everyone has their small little childhood fear and that was hers. Laura learned quickly in the Marine Corps that admission of the small, secret things like that, especially from a female officer, could drastically reduce public opinion, and so she learned to keep things like that close. Not long after it became habit; some small things that were hers and only hers and she liked that.

Things like how, when Carson spent days in the infirmary tending to others at the expense of his own rest, she would pull one of his shirts from the drawers and sleep with it instead of sleeping alone. It wasn’t just the tactile sensation of having something there; it was the scent of the fabric. It smelled like him, and there was happily nothing that the Atlantis laundry could do to erase that.

He smelled like soap and latex, like warm ginger and spices. He smelled like things she couldn’t place but knew and craved. He smelled like Carson and that was the best way she knew to describe it.

And on days like today where she didn’t have to report for duty as early as he did, she’d watch through drowsy eyes as he climbed quietly out of bed and into the shower. She’d reach over to his side and pull his pillow to her and just inhale the scent of him. But as soon as the shower stopped, she’d push his pillow back into place and smile at him as he stepped back into the bedroom.

This morning was just the same. Carson smiled at her as he scrubbed a towel through his hair. “Did I wake you?” he asked lightly.

Laura shook her head, lying happily in bed. The sheets even smelled like him this morning. “Nah, already awake,” she replied.

He sat down on the bed and brushed a hand through her hair. “Why do you look so happy this morning, love?” he chuckled. “You almost look like you’re up to something.”

“Nope,” Laura chirped. “Just waiting for you.”

She’d keep that secret for herself just a little while longer. Some things were more fun that way.

Next: V. Taste
Entire Set: Here
Tags: carson beckett/laura cadman, five senses, stargate: atlantis
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