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Title: Rainfall.
Author: scarab_dynasty
Notes: For stagesoflove, stage #4 of Trouble in Paradise: Reconciliation.
Warnings: femslash suggestive ifyousquint…hard.
Disclaimer: Ace Lightning characters are in no way my property, though it’s fun to mess them about.
Word Count: 523
Rating: PG

Everyone makes mistakes. No big.

Ace made a mistake, once. It was a long time ago now, but she’s never forgotten. She’s okay with it. Sort of.

Really, she’s okay with it. Because she’s done some dumb things too, and she can’t count the number of times she’s messed up and he’s gotten her out of it or forgiven her for it, or whatever else the situation called for. Like this one time when she decided to take on that siren’s ghost in the Magery Tower without backup…

But, she won’t go there.

And Lady Illusion?

Maybe she makes mistakes too.

Okay, so it’s taken her seven years to even consider that thought. And it was only after the first five that she’d actually started figure that… yeah. She loved Ace. I mean, you don’t go visiting the “last place seen alive” or whatever the fancy name was for it, every Kryllian cycle for five years unless you felt something… or owed them doom dimes the last time you saw em. Anyway…

That was where she ran into her. that tiny little patch of grass somewhere in a forgotten corner of Conestoga park. It’s starting to rain and Sparx see’s what looks like a human woman with tan brown hair in ringlets, standing in the patch of earth. She doesn’t turn when she hears Sparx coming.

‘You remembered, then?’

The woman looks… bright, youthful and smiley, and Sparx thinks her voice should sound bright and youthful too. It doesn’t. ‘That question doesn’t even bear answering’

‘Still not big on the mortal gestures huh? No flowers?’

‘I hardly think he’d appreciate them.’ (she could have a point there, he was always allergic to the spore plants on gollum springs, if she recalls right) ‘Was there something you wanted, Sparx?’

‘Same thing you do.’ Sparx answers simply. The rain is coming down harder now and.. .damn, it’s cold. Very inhuman eyes stare back at her from a human face that isn’t really human at all.

‘While I can utilise camouflage, I’d love to know what your explanation is for being here our of disguise Sparxie.’

She hates the silences.. .they make it feel so much worse.

‘Whatever. It’s raining. No ones out. So.. .how long d’you think we’re gonna last?
Lady illusion thinks about it a second.

‘Our programs have handled the added straight of… reality for this long with reasonably few complications. Though there’s no longer much left of the “game” I imagine that has something to do with our and the mortals constant blasting. I can imagine our… software lasting a while, a decade, perhaps. Maybe more.

Sparx laughs.

It’s the first time lady illusion has been able to hear that laugh without being reminded of. And then she goes and reminds herself of all that anyway which is… rather silly., in an inevitable kind of way. Ace will likely always be there.

She’s not sure she wants him to leave.

‘still mad at me, then?’

‘Course. I’m always mad at you, inbred aristo freak,’

‘the insults in one go, what on oblivion

‘Forget oblivion. No such place as that anymore… look anyway, when I said “how log you think we’ll last? “ that is NOT what I meant…’

‘That we will have to see about’ felicity fury says, before they both turn and walk back through the mud towards the street. Neither of them says a word.

* * * * *

The rain was a deliberate imitation. I have this lovely mental image that I got from reading a drabble by my friend sarah_frostit involves Sparx and Lady Illusion in the pouring rain with ice cream and kissing and all these other nice, melty images and…

And I’m gonna shut up, now.

Tags: lady illusion/sparx
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