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stage #4 of the five stages of sexual response

Title: Teacher’s Pet.
Author: scarab_dynasty
Notes: Done for, stage #4 of the five stages of sexual response.
Warnings: sexual content.
Disclaimer: Timothy Drake and Stephanie brown are the property of DC Comics. I’m merely borrowing them for the surprise of exploring their love life in intimate detail from the ground up.
Word Count: 330
Rating: R

Black out.

It’s really… the only way he can describe it.

Steph’s still laughing, somehow, when the orgasm hits. Or screaming, or moaning or… well, all three, really. Which is pretty amazing considering that he just lost the ability of speech and isn’t sure he ever wants it back. Because that would mean he’d have to start talking again and…

And he really doesn’t have any words beyond “God”, “Steph” and “Robin”, right now. Nothing that Stephanie would want to hear, anyway. Nothing that she needs to hear and.

And maybe people are right when they say he thinks too much.


Stephanie Brown. Spoiler. Robin point four-oh.

She’s still gripping his biceps way too tightly. His skin is going to bruise the same colour as her silhouette by the time the sun comes up. At the moment, of course, he’s not especially concerned about that.

‘…are the flashbacks… as standard?’ Stephanie shifts slightly and makes herself comfortable again, her breath warm and too heavy against his chest and warmer and heavier when she smiles. She’s not, it seems, totally sure if he’s joking or not.

‘Nah, they’re kind of like a Stephanie-related special. Unless there’s something else you’re keeping from me, boy wonder, and from the feel of that…’ she laughs again. ‘There’s definitely… not.’

Then again, neither his heck, and he’s still damn, trembling like he’s not able to stop. He’s not sure he wants to stop.

Because it’s Steph. Robin’s not important. Robin was left on his floor, discarded exactly like his uniform and Steph is warm and bright and nothing like the uneasy shadow that saved him falling off a building.

‘See? I told you we were covered. You’re new at this, right?’

‘Good teacher,’ he murmurs.

‘Flattery will get you nowhere, boy wonder.’

Except maybe…

‘Well… maybe there.’

Tags: timothy drake/stephanie brown
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