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SG-1/SGA/Laura Cadman/Samantha Carter/Excitement

Title: Boom
Author: ladyjax
Theme: Excitement
Word Count: 422
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: all characters owned by their respective copyright holders. Original situations belong to me. For fan entertainment only.
A/N: ASVAB is the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test and NROTC is Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps.

Ever since she was a kid, Laura Cadman liked things that went "boom."

She graduated from firecrackers on the street in front of her house to M-80s in the toilets of Claremont High's bathroom. By the time she'd took the ASVAB in her junior year, she'd pretty much decided that she was going to be a Marine. Who else but Uncle Sam was willing to pay a girl like her to blow things up? She went to the University of Washington, joined the NROTC program and kept up the tap dancing to please her mother.

There were other times in her life when things exploded around her. Like the night she made out with Missy Fairchild behind the bleachers during the homecoming football game her senior year in high school. That had been a revelation of epic proportions for young Miss Cadman. She discovered that a) girls were really soft and b) they came like a rocket if you touched them just so.

Laura spent a lot of time perfecting her technique.

By the time she was posted to the SGC, Laura had a handle on her obsessions and a reputation as a stone cold officer in the field. Meeting Samantha "Call me Sam" Carter threatened Laura's much vaunted cool. Not that she let it show. She'd turned on the charm when they met at the party, daring to kiss the hand of this long tall drink of a woman who wore a leather bomber jacket like a second skin. And Sam had flirted back, promising to be Laura's tour guide through the rough and tumble streets of Colorado Springs. They'd left the party with each other's cell numbers in their pockets and a promise to meet that coming Saturday.

Meeting Sam Carter again (excuse me: Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, member of SG-1 and all around fair-haired golden girl, thank you very much) in Cheyenne Mountain the next morning was not unlike that long ago M-80 exploding in the toilet: it was heart-stoppingly shocking one minute and giggle worthy the next. Sam shook her hand gravely, all spit and polish professional but there was no way Laura could ignore the light lingering slide of Sam's finger tips across her palm or the slight twitch of her lips as she struggled to hold back a smirk.

There are rules and there are ways around rules and Laura knew quite a few of them by heart. When she looked into Sam's laughing eyes, she understood that Sam knew them too.
Tags: crossover, five stages of sexual response, laura cadman/samantha carter, round ii
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