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Prince of Tennis: Tachibana Kippei/Tachibana An, Romance

Title: The Dancing of Lights
Author: Star Lin
Theme: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: An decided to take over on this one. Set near the end of Atobe’s Gift. Yes, I still don't have a beta for these stories.

Sun Drops and Water Rays

Tachibana An always love to dance, especially in the evenings, when the lights from the stars and the moon would join in. It was even better when she could pull Kippei away from the courts to dance with her. Yet the time that she had with him seem so much shorter, Kippei’s time being take up by couching the tennis club and the nearing of graduation for him. It was for this reason that she couldn’t fault the outlandish party that Atobe had done, even if she thought that the guy had too much money to spend.

“He has too much money for his own good,” she heard Kippei say, after their group had come out of their shop to see why the building had been shaking. She grasp along with the others as the walls rolled down and all that they could see were the stars. She also agreed with Ishida quite beautiful.

Smiling, she took Kippei’s hand, dragging him over to one of the windows. “Come on, brother. I want to see how he pulled this off.” They stopped at the window, An pressing her face to the window so that she could see the lights of the city below them. She couldn’t believe that Atobe pulled this off with an airplane. “Isn’t it beautiful, Kippei,” she asked.

“Very beautiful,” he whispered reply. She pulled back from the window, noticing that Kippei wasn’t looking out at the city lights. His reflected eyes seem to be looking down at her reflection, the start of a certain hunger showing in them. It was the same hunger that she had seen many times in his eyes. It was the same type that she felt in herself when she was with him. No, it wasn’t hunger or lust, nothing that primal would make her feel this warm and safe. Music began to play again, soft romantic piece that seem just right for couples to dance close too.

“Dance with me, Kippei,” An said. He blinked, turning his attention away from her reflection to look down at her. She turned her own eyes up to him, “I want to dance with you under the stars.” She watched him fight his own desire, opening his mouth to protest, but she stopped that by placing her finger against his lips. “Please.”

She smiled to herself as his resolve crumble and he pulled her into his arms. As they moved across the floor, she couldn’t help watching the light from the stars above dancing in his eyes. I love you, Kippei. One day, you’ll understand how much.

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