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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Mina Harker/Dr. Henry Jekyll

Title: Warming Up.
Author/Artist: Ariyana
Theme: Stages of Sexual Arousal. Stage 2 Excitement
Rating: [16+] Mature Audiences
Word Count: 263
Author's Notes: I'm pretty much picking up where my other set of stories from round 1 left off but this is going to be mostly porn with no plot.

She makes her way back to her quarters virtually uninterrupted. She hopes that Henry will follow. Her body tingles in anticipation at the mere thought of him. She thinks of his soft caresses, his rough kisses and the way he makes her body cry out for more. Suddenly her collar feels tight as she enters her room. Quickly she unties her scarf and unbuttons her collar. Slowly her breathing slows itself as she tries to control her excitement.

After a few moments she hears a soft knock on her door. Mindlessly she answers the door and is met with a searing kiss. He closes the door with one arm, while the other is wrapped around her waist. Her hands roughly pull at his jacket; he slips it off and tosses it on the nearby chair. She pulls open his collar and begins kissing his neck. She can hear his heartbeat quicken and she feels the blood rushing through his jugular vein. He softly moans feeling her tongue on his neck. Shivers run down his spine feeling the scrape of her fang across his vein. Roughly she pushes him against the wall as she bites down on his neck. He cries out but melts into her touch.

He knows it is dangerous to let her feed off of him but he can't deny how good it feels. His breathing slows as the euphoria over takes him. She pulls away at feeling him slump in her arms. She doesn't take too much blood preferring he have his strength. After all they were just getting started.

Tags: five stages of sexual response, mina harker/dr. henry jekyll/edward hyde, round ii, the league of extraordinary gentlemen
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