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Prince of Tennis: Tachibana Kippei/Tachibana An, Attraction

Title: Sun Drops and Water Rays
Author/Artist: Star Lin
Theme: Attraction
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: Hm, first time writing incest so go easy on me. I’m sticking with the ficlet format for my first go. Also I’m playing on the safe side with the rating.

Tachibana Kippei thought of sun drops whenever his sister came into the room from the shower. The way the water sparkled as the sunlight from the window she would pass. It didn’t help that this made it even harder to ignore the feelings that was developing in his mind and his heart. An was becoming a very beautiful woman and Kippei had caught himself staring along with many of the other males in the school. He told himself that he shouldn’t feel this way, this was wrong and he didn’t want to hurt her with these immoral cravings.

“Brother?” An’s asked, cutting through his thoughts, and making him aware that he is staring at her. She smiled, gracefully settling in beside him on the couch. The light in her hair shifted, the water now sending out tiny rays of light, and looked down at the book in his hands. “Class reading?” she asked and he was aware that her head is now resting against his shoulder.

“Yes,” he said, forcing himself to pay attention to the book instead of the smell of apples that was coming from his sister’s hair. “It’s ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ for Lit,” he added. He felt her settle a little more against him, a soft ‘boring’ coming from her that made him smile. He allowed himself to relax, listening to her breathing, and letting himself to hold her against him. Several minutes later, her breathing even out and he was sure that she had fallen asleep. Marking the page, Kippei reached up and brushed her hair back with his hand, loving the feel of it against his fingers. He would only allow himself these chances to silence the attraction he felt for him. He would make sure that it didn’t go farther then this. She was too precious to him to do what he wanted to do, make love to her like the sun drops and water rays seem to love her.
Tags: five stages of love, prince of tennis, tachibana kippei/tachibana ann
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