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Purveyor of Hot Combs and Hand Grenades

SG-1/SGA/Laura Cadman/Samantha Carter/Desire

Title: Gentlewomen Prefer Blondes
Author: ladyjax
Theme: Desire
Word Count: 435
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: all characters owned by their respective copyright holders. Original situations belong to me. For fan entertainment only.

The party was at Buffy Vanderholt's house, a few miles north of Colorado Springs. An old friend from Sam's Academy days, Buffy had opened her ancestral home to any and all female strays of the bent variety. As long as you kept your mouth shut, brought some beer and snacks every once in while and didn't cause a fight, you were always welcome at Buffy's house. If anything did kick off, then the 6'ft Black woman with the baseball bat would show you the error of your ways. "With a name like mine," Buffy said to Sam back in the day, "it's no wonder I'm a bit cranky."

Sam sat on Buffy's back porch, drinking a beer and watching the sun go down over the mountains. It was the first time in a while that she actually felt relaxed. No aliens breathing down her neck, no worlds to save in the nick of time. Okay, the Ori were out there but they quiet at the moment. Sam needed a break.

"Mind some company?"

She looked up. The woman standing next to her bench was average height by Sam's estimation, all fair skin and shoulder length blonde hair. Definitely in shape, if her arms were any indication.

A sardonic voice broke through Sam's reverie. "Take a picture, hon. It'll last longer."

"Oh," Sam shook her head. "Sorry, I didn't mean..." Her companion sat down on the bench next to Sam and propped her feet up on a milk carton.

"No problem." She stuck out her hand and grinned. "I'm Laura. Laura Cadman."

"Samantha Carter. Call me Sam."

Laura's handshake was firm. Had a purpose to it that Sam immediately liked. She also liked Laura's lips which at that moment were brushing across Sam's knuckles and sending chills down her spine. When she looked into Laura's baby blues again, she saw mischief and something in Sam rose to the challenge.

"Smooth," she said, retrieving her hand, a slight smear of red where Laura’s lipstick (lipstick!) left a mark.

"I've been told that," Laura replied. She took a pull of her beer and then leaned in close to Sam. "I'm new in town."

"Really?" Sam could feel where this was going and for once she slapped down her inner good girl. Her inner good girl was not going to get her laid. "You need a tour guide?"

"I might." Laura reached out and tucked Sam's hair behind her ear. "You offering?"

Rules, regulations and her good girl reputation were put on a bus heading for parts unknown. Sam leaned in a little closer and said, "Yeah, I'm offering."
Tags: crossover, five stages of sexual response, laura cadman/samantha carter, stargate: atlantis, stargate: sg-1
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