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Prince Of Tennis, Fuji Shuusuke x Fuji Yumiko

Title: A Wind Among The Flowers
Author: vanillafire
Theme: Stages of Love, Attraction
Rating: G

When asked, Fuji Shuusuke will always say that he is attracted to pretty fingers when it comes to women. His female classmates overhear this and spend time on manicures; his male classmates ask him if that isn't a bit unexciting. Shuusuke always answers, congenial smile firmly in place, that nothing is more exciting than a woman who is elegant and refined.

His friends go back to their copies of Playboy, or their idol magazines; Shuusuke returns to reading classic English poetry.

Eiji sits on the desk beside him, legs swinging, peering down at him, and asks what he's reading.

"Poetry," he says. "It's really rather good. You should read this one." He hands the book to Eiji, indicating with his finger where his friend should read from.

It transpires that Eiji can only read the title - "Beauty and Love" – so Shuusuke tells him of dreams and delicacy and love so natural as to be nature itself until break is over. A geography lesson starts around him, but Shuusuke fixes his gaze on the trees outside, a vista more pleasurable than his books and the messy white scrawls on the blackboard.

This world outside the walls but within himself is a world different from comic books and television and burger joints; it is a world that Shuusuke feels more a part of, if he speaks honestly, which he often does not. Beauty as a realm is softness, warmth, elegance, tranquillity, and Shuusuke aspires to be its prince, to fold corners into curves, to modulate sirens to bells.

He knows that one day this will be achieved. There is a princess waiting for him; the cards have told him this, at least, and her cards are always true. They have not given the identity of the woman who will rule with nobility beside him, but Shuusuke knows. He knows, because there is only one woman who could ever exist in that world with him, only one woman who has ever set foot upon its gentle curves and called it her home. For her, Shuusuke's love is like the regal waterfall of Young's poem, ever-flowing, ever-passionate, ever-lasting. It couldn't ever be any other way, for no one is as beautiful as she.

He sits through geography lessons, he fulfils his daily need for grace with tennis, and he returns to see his princess painting in the conservatory, brush easy between her fingers, paint becoming one with the canvas, as if she is merely setting the world right by creating what has been missing for so long. She knows he is watching, but she does not turn around, although he knows she is smiling. For now, this is how it is, how it will be.

She is waiting for him, and he has a journey to make before he is worthy.

Tags: attraction, five stages of love, fuji shuusuke/fuji yumiko, prince of tennis
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