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And so we begin...  Stage #1

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The Five Stages of Love (attraction, romance, passion, intimacy and commitment)
  • attraction

The Five Stages of Sexual Response (desire, excitement, plateau of arousal, orgasm and resolution)
  • desire

Trouble in Paradise (first fight, make-up/make-up sex, jealousy, break-up and reconciliation) or (jealousy, first fight, break up, reconciliation and makeup/make-up sex)
  • first fight or jealousy

Exploration of a Relationship Through The Five Senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste)
  • sight

[Tim Gunn voice] Make it work! [/Tim Gunn voice]    You'll have until 11:59 PM EST Tuesday, March 28, to post your reply to the first stage.

*Interested in participating? Write your first stage contribution and sign up in the claim post by March 28 and you're in. New claims will not be accepted after stage #1 closes.
Tags: admin, round ii
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