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Author Fandom/Pairing Attraction Romance Passion Intimacy Commitment
andmydog Rurouni Kenshin (Katsu/Sano) Artist's Eyes &
Easy like Sunday morning
Holding his own & Options Divince Assistance & Stroke Count Freudian fundoshi & Green-eyed and red-faced This is Home (Katsu) & This is Home (Sano)
daenira Gundam Wing/AC {Duo/Wufei (1), Duo/Heero (2)}; BtVS {Spike/Xander (3)}; HP {Harry/Draco (4)} Attraction (1), Attraction (2), Attraction (3), Attraction (4) Romance (1), Romance (2), Romance (3), Romance (4) Closed Closed Closed
dancinguniverse Ocean's Eleven {Danny/Rusty (1)}; Smallville {Clark/Lex (2)} Start(1); Control (2) Bribe(1);Offerings(2) Four Years (1); Seven years (2) The Mask Job (1); Someone to Hold (2) Fifty Years (2)
darkhavens BtVS (Spike/Xander) A Demon's-Eye View of Love 1/5 A Demon's-Eye View of Love 2/5 A Demon's-Eye View of Love 3/5 A Demon's-Eye View of Love 4/5 A Demon's-Eye View of Love 5/5
dysis Weiss Kreuz {Youji/Ken (1)}; Gundam Wing {Quatre/Duo(2)} Identity (1); Life and Death (2) Identity 2/5 (1); Life and Death 2/5 (2) Identity 3/5 (1); Life and Death 3/5 (2) Life and Death 4/5 (2) Life and Death 5/5 (1); Identity 5/5 (2)
emeraldgreensea LotR RPS (Viggo/Orlando) Two Stars Falling: Face to Face Two Stars Falling: Naked Sky Two Stars Falling: Lightning Sparks Two Stars Falling: Two Roots Intertwined Two Stars Falling: The Night is an Ocean
fanbot BtVS (Spike/Xander) Attraction Romance Passion Intimacy Commitment
fickitten CSI {Catherine/Warrick (1)}; Joey {Gina/Alex (2)}; Original {Caitlyn/AJ (3)} Tainted Perception(1); Under the Surface (2); Multi-Dimensional (3) What She Knows (1); Dinner & a Movie (2); Sidetracked (3) Intoxicating (1); Mixed with Passion (2); Resolve (3) Reassurance (1); Milestone (2); Learning the Truth (3) Just Like a Parent (1); No Regrets (2); Without Hesitation (3)
fleshlycherry BtVS/AtS {Buffy/Angel (1)};Firefly {Simon/River (2)} And To The Victor... (1); At 13 (2) This Was Love (1); Letters (2) Shattered (1); Dear Simon, (2) Bound (1); Eclipse (2) Go The Spoils (1);
fuzipenguin Firefly (Jayne/River) Wolf and Witch 1 Wolf and Witch 2 Wolf and Witch 3 Wolf and Witch 4 Wolf and Witch 5
hyperfocused Stargate: SG - 1 (Jack/Daniel) Careful & Notice Woo! & Blend Closed Closed Closed
immortals_good Harry Potter (Harry/Ginny) Attraction A Magical Attraction An Enchanted Evening Truth Commitment
iniq Soukyuu no Fafner (Soushi/Kazuki) Found: Smiles Found: Flowers Found 3/5 Found 4/5 Found 5/5: Hopes
kohakutenshi Yami No Matsuei (Tatsumi/Hisoka) Oh That Feeling (Hisoka POV) &
Oh That Feeling (Tatsumi POV)
Read Between the Lines Tea Cake Kisses Hands Tea Cup Commitment
ladydewinter The O.C. (Alex/Marissa) Coffee School Dance with me Laundry Home
gamera Yami no Matusei (Terazuma/Wakaba) Moving On (Terazuma POV) & Naked Truth (Wakaba POV) Romance Closed Closed Closed
merith Gundam Wing {Zechs/Trowa (1), Duo/Heero (2)} In the Asking(1); Once Upon a Chance (2) Changes (1); Once Upon a Chance II (2) Funnel Cakes (1); Once Upon a Chance III (2) Letting Go (1); Once Upon a Chance IV (2) A Good Man (1); Once Upon a Chance V (2)
mistressrenet Trigun {Vash/Wolfwood (1)}; Weiss Kreuz {Omi/Nagi (2)} Who Are You? (1); Second Look (2) Courtship (1); Looking Back (2) Inevitable (1); Can't Look Away (2) Trust (1); Closing Distance (2) Whatever the Cost (1); Open Door (2)
ranalore Yami No Matsuei {Oriya/Hisoka (1)}; Saiyuki {Goku/Sanzo(2)} Move Right Through Me 1/5: Fearless in Your Eyes(1); A Goku Kind of Love: The Scent of Sanzo (2) Move Right Through Me 2/5: Shed Your Armor(1); A Goku Kind of Love: From Dawn 'Til Dusk (2) Move Right Through Me 3/5: Fingertips on My Skin (1); A Goku Kind of Love 3/5: Mr. Congeniality (2) Move Right Through Me 4/5: Unfolding Before My Eyes (1); A Goku Kind of Love 4/5: What a Boy Wants (2) Move Right Through Me 5/5: Feel the Flood Begin (1); A Goku Kind of Love 5/5: Lock, Stock, and One Smoking Barrel (2)
randomfangirl Degrassi: The Next Generation {Ashley/Craig} Now and Then Just a Song Duet Closed Closed
random_glitch Harry Potter (Harry/Draco) Musings Plotting Kiss Intimacy Commitment
rosehiptea Hellsing (Walter/Seras) Uniform & Memorial Errands, Movie Night & Movie Night 2 Kissing & Beyond Awakening, Telling & Turning Old & Doors
s1ncer1ty Weiss Kreuz {Knight/Ran (1)}; Get Backers {Ban/Ginji (2)} Burned (1); Shimmer (2) Irony (1); Exuberance (2) Jackhammer (1); Electric (2) Rush (1); Stardust (2) Eyes High & Phoenix (1); Sunset (2)
sarolynne Naruto {Sasuke/Naruto (1), Jiraiya/Tsunade (2)} Gravity (1); Near Miss (2) Polarity (1); Turns (2) Chemistry (1); Chances (2) Sympathy (1); All of our Past (2) Inevitablity (1); In the End (2)
schmevil and metaphoracle Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack/Will) The Wrong Thing to Say & Chiaroscuro For the Boy's Sake & Favauvist To Be Whole Again & Itaglio Maybe A Little Bit of a Eunuch & Horizon Metamerism & Something Far More Valuable
sintari Naruto (Neji/Hinata) Destiny Love and Sharp Edges Here and here Naked Freedom
smatgirl Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) {Akio/Kanae, Akio/others} Love of the Chase Closed Closed Closed Closed
uiggu Fullmetal Alchemist (Greed/Kimberly) Attraction Romance Passion Intimacy Commitment
vagablonde SKINS {Yellowlodge/ofc (1)}; Battlestar Galactica {Apollo/Starbuck (2)} Truces (1); Go Get Our Girl (2) Take-out (1); Make A Move (2) Vanilla and Cocoa Butter (1) Confessions Solace
swivelchair Yami no Matsuei {Muraki/Hisoka (1)}; Fullmetal Alchemist {Ed/Al (2)} Red Ribbons (1); Iron Shadows (2) The Elements Of (1); Metal Stars (2) Silken (1); Copper kisses (2) Cherry Petals (1); Lead Whispers (2) Threads (1); Silver Truths (2)
wordsofastory Yami No Matsuei (Tsuzuki/Hisoka/Tsuzuki) Surcease of Pain & Divinity Those That Will Not Break & In the Details Sometimes It Hurts & Be Merry Every Day & Try Sometimes A Key Turns & Love's Secret
_beetle_ LoTR (Faramir/Legolas) The Captain's Quality & The End of an Age Memories & Memories II Closed Closed Closed

Please comment if I've missed anything. Huge thanks go out to jenepherre and trkkr47, because HTML and I just don't get along.
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