October 13th, 2012


Exploring a relationship through 5 senses #5 – touch

Subject: The Professionals: Bodie/Doyle
Title: A Touching Confession
Author/Artist: Merentha
Theme: slash
Rating: adult
Author's Notes: just borrowing the lads, no copyright infringement intended. Thanks to golden_bastet for involving me in this and then patiently suffering the consequences! *g*

Bodie closed his eyes and laid his head next to Ray’s on the hospital bed. What was it about this man that touched him so deeply? Why did the thought of losing Ray affect him so? How had Ray gotten under his skin?
A finger lightly tapped the end of his nose.
“Penny for ‘em,” whispered words stirred his hair, caressed his cheek.
“I’m sorry, Ray. For walkin’ out.” The confession tumbled out, surprising them both. “I love you.”
“I want it all – with you.”
Ray’s lips met his.
“You sure?”
Bodie smiled. “Yeah,feels good, this.
“Commitment .”