December 3rd, 2006


Stages Of Love. Torchwood. Gwen/Tosh. Outcome.

Stages Of Love.



Morning After/Outcome/End Of The Road.

Title: - I can still here her last goodbyes…
Author: - Allie Summers.
Disclaimer: - Not Mine.
Description: - The night is over and Tosh has fled… later at work she changes her mind…

“I can’t Gwen… I… I’m sorry…” Tosh whispered, slipping from the bed and dressing hurriedly before fleeing the house.

Gwen had sighed and got up herself, dressing and preparing for a rough day at work.

Once she got to work, she found herself face to face with Tosh, who looked thoroughly frightened and… she was crying. Gwen felt her heart rip as she stepped to wipe Tosh’s eyes softly. “Tosh… what is it?” She spoke softly.

“I… I couldn’t go home… it’s…it’s so empty without you…”

“Oh Tosh…”

“Hold me…” Tosh pleaded, stepping into Gwen’s embrace and relaxing against her. The two stood like that for a while before Gwen kissed her forehead.

“Time to work…” Gwen smiled. “See you tonight.”

-The End –
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Stages Of Love. Eve/Allie. Taste

Stages Of Love.



Title: - Touch me in the moonlight.
Author: - Allie Summers.
Disclaimer: - Not Real.
Description: - Eve and Allie find a way to explore tastes.

Eve hadn’t resisted when Allie dragged her out to watch the sun go down and when she kissed her. The blonde had been gentle and she was tentative. Eve had been the one who deepened it… she drew Allie closer now, intent on tasting the girl, she smelt of strawberry… but she tasted strongly of coffee and spearmint… and cigarettes. She pulled back, glaring at Allie who smiled sheepishly and shrugged, kissing her again… ah well, she didn’t taste too bad…

-The End –
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[Gundam Wing] [Trowa Barton/Quatre Winner]

title: quatre, in five easy bites, author: merith, pairing: trowa/quatre, rating: PG-13, warnings: BL, more than a bit of angst,
note: written for the fall '06 stagesoflove, for the theme set of emotions: regret, the fourth of five. ~ ♥ ~ Envy ~ ♥ ~ Surprise ~ ♥ ~ Compassion ~ ♥ ~

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*shuffles feet* uh... sorry?

The characters depicted in this work of fiction are over the age of minority.