November 13th, 2006

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[fic] [calling all angels 2] [heero/duo] [PG-13] [relationship - touch]

title: calling all angels 2 (out of five!)
author: raz
notes: listening to inside of love - nada surf makes me want to write ;__; besides, it's november 12. ahem. ahem. ;)
disclaimer: no pwn4g3 of gundam wing here!
theme: five stages of a relationship - touch
pairing: heero/duo
rating: PG-13
theme: touch
warnings: flashbacks, bad humor (practically nonexistent really -__-), un-betaed, OOC?

italics means flashback...I think there'll be a lot of italics in this series thingy -__-;;

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Yami no Matsuei: Tsuzuki/Hisoka, tastes: sweet

Title: Better Than Mochi
Series Title: Soul Food
Author: Rana Eros
Theme: Sweet
Rating: Sappy staring. Yep.
Author's Notes: All betaed by elizacakeEliza, who helped me brainstorm the themes (again).


Tsuzuki buys mochi from a corner cafe in Nagasaki. Hisoka comes with him for tea. Tsuzuki offers Hisoka some mochi, is surprised to find himself disappointed when Hisoka refuses. He knows he's not good at sharing sweets. He also knows he likes it when Hisoka tells him yes.

They sit at a table by the windows so Tsuzuki can see the park across the street while Hisoka reads. It's autumn, though, and Hisoka looks up from his book as he sips his tea, his expression almost peaceful.

Watching him, Tsuzuki forgets to eat. There's a sweetness on his tongue nonetheless.

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DBSK: Jaejoong/Yunho, senses: hearing

Title: Don't You Stop
Series Title: Take Me I'm Yours
Author: Rana Eros
Theme: Hearing
Rating: This drabble suffers from a severe lack of nekkid. You have been warned.
Author's Notes: Betaed by the inestimable elizacakeEliza, who also helped me brainstorm a titling scheme. All titles taken from the Afghan Whigs song "66."


Yunho knows his strength is dancing, though he's getting better at singing. He'll probably never match Junsu, and while he's not exactly happy about that, he's learning to cope. Jaejoong doesn't seem as accepting.

Jaejoong practices obsessively, both singing and dancing. He's told Yunho he used to be tone deaf, which makes Yunho reconsider his own ability to improve. He can see Jaejoong's not a natural dancer, but Jaejoong sings as though he were born with a voice of gold.

"One more time, please," Jaejoong says in the studio, and Yunho can't say he's sorry. It's another chance to listen.

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Yami no Matsuei: Terazuma/Hisoka, Asian elements: fire

Title: Correct Shooting Is Correct Hitting
Series Title: Zen and the Art of Connection
Author: Rana Eros
Theme: Fire
Rating: Still subtext.
Author's Notes: Betaed by elizacakeEliza, and I can't be sure it's kyudo that Terazuma practices, but my impression is that it is. Titles taken from the English translations for kyudo terminology.


Terazuma hears about the fire from Wakaba, who doubtless got it from Watari. Wakaba, of course, is focused on baking a pie for "poor Tsuzuki." Terazuma bites back his reaction to that, it would only upset Wakaba. Instead, he thinks of Tsuzuki's partner, who will probably miss bow practice for a while.

He's still thinking when Wakaba drags him down to Chijou for apples for the pie. There's a bookstore across from the grocery. He wanders in, stares at the shelves, realizes he has no idea what Kurosaki would like.

The disappointment's sharper than he expects.

He'll ask the Gushoushin.

WalterSeras by dasaod

Final Fantasy X: Kimahri/Rikku, Five Elements (Asian): fire

Title: Evening Fire
Author: rosehiptea
Theme: Fire
Rating: G
Word Count: 399
Note: Second in the series. The first one is Wood.
Warning: She's human, he's a big blue kitty person. Together, they fight crime Sin.

Cross-posted to rosehiptea and ffx_het.

Note to the mods: I seem to be using a "final fantasy x" tag, but a "final fantasy 10" tag also exists. Should I just change these over to that one so they can all be together?

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