November 6th, 2006

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Supernatural: Dean/Impala, Emotions: Compassion

Title: Broken
Author: vichan
Theme: Emotions: Compassion
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Impala
Rating: G, man. Super tame.
Notes: Drabble, and I don't usually DO drabbles 'cuz I have problems with the fitting-of-the-stuff-I-wanna-say-in-small-number-of-words-and-I'm-typing-like-this-to-annoy-everyone.
So... ha. Translation: feedback is sucked up and hoarded.
Warning: Spoilers for 2.01. And 2.02, actually. And overall series will be spoilers for the whole durn second season.

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Gwen/Toshiko. Torchwood. Stages Of Love: Confession. Do You Feel Like I Feel?



Stages Of Love: Confession.

Title: - Do you feel like I feel?
Author: - Allie Summers.
Disclaimer: - Not Mine.
Description: - Gwen finally admits something… Tosh always knew but now she feels drawn to Gwen… their shared experiences keep them from stating the obvious… until finally Gwen breaks the silence…
Rating: E for open to all

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what makes you think I care

Angel the series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Lindsey/Faith) Five sexual kinks: Voyeurism

Title: There was that one night 1/5
Author/Artist: ebonypsyche(hey that’s me)

Theme:  Five sexual kinks- Voyeurism

Rating: Hard R. you might even call it FIC-17

Author's Note (if applicable): I blame and worship denied_heavenfor this. I’m leaning towards worship because she is all betaing it for me. Also I’m taking this voyeurism thing and running with it in the background for the rest of these prompts.

Words: 256

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miscarriage, October awareness, Grieving

Firefly: Simon/Jayne: Emotions --Envy

Title: Not always so cold, out in the Black
Author/Artist: wildannuette
Theme: 5 stages of love challenge. This one is emotion-envy
Rating: NC17 most certainly

Author's Notes (if applicable): Thanks to kitsunesan for betaing for me. This ended up being longer then I expected as I think the others will probably be. If I've done it correctly *crosses fingers* translations should be in mouseover, thanks for showing me how to do that guys :)

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