August 4th, 2006


24 - Brittany House/Jake Hannigan - Gravity On A Planet That Insists

Title: Gravity On A Planet That Insists
Fandom: 24
Pairing: Brittany House/Jake Hannigan
Prompt: 6. The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath.
Word Count: 1685
Rating: PG
Summary: After being thrown together in another impossible situation, Jake and Brittany come to realize that while they are ideological enemies, they will always be allies.
Author's Notes: The title, inspiration and lyrics are all from "Falling Is Like This" by Ani DiFranco. I heard the song, it demanded a story, this is that story. Takes place during the events of the novel Glass Waltz, which takes place in June, 2011 when Brittany returns to London on one final case. Written for the stagesoflove painfic challenge.

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