May 19th, 2006

kyo likes sleeves

Fruits Basket: Kyo/Tohru, stages of love

Title: The Wrong Feelings?
Author/Artist: klove0511
Theme: Stages of love, Attraction
Rating: G, maybe PG
Author's Note (if applicable): Contains no actual spoilers, but may surprise some people that (like me) didn't notice and/or realize certain things that are revealed in volume 11. And there was one part that some might mistake as a spoiler but I really just made it up... Oh, and sorry if this sucks. ^_^

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Captain Canary - leaning over look

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike/Dru/Xander - Elements: Earth

Title: Promise of Forever
Author: blue_icy_rose
Theme: Elements (Earth)
Rating: PG
Author's Note: I'm just easing into writing the three of them together since this is my first time writing a threesome/group relationship. So here's hoping you enjoy and feedback's always welcome!

Promise of Forever
Tohru Accomplished

Constantine: Angela Dodson + Isabel Dodson, Five Wrongs: Wrong Move Made

Title: Lost
Author/Artist: Ariyana
Pairing: Angela Dodson + Isabel Dodson
Theme: Five Wrongs: Wrong Move Made
Rating: [13+] Some Caution
Word Count: 297
Disclaimer: The Constantine characters are the property of Warner Brothers, DC/Vertigo comics and Village Roadshow Picture.
Author's Note: These pieces will be mostly snapshots over the relationship of Angela and Isabel throughout their lives.

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CSI- GSR touch

Week one, four drabbles (CSI, House, Buffy, Big Love)

All drabbles by wiccagirl24 and rated PG

Fandom/Pairing: CSI, GSR
Theme: Five stages of grief

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Fandom/Pairing: House MD, House/Cameron
Theme: Seven Sins

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Fandom/Pairing: BtVS, Buffy Summers/Giles
Theme: Five firsts

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Fandom/Pairing: Big Love, Bill/Barb/Nikki/Margene
Theme: Five rooms

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[I am the king] Pein.

Instant Star - Tommy/Jude - Five Stages of Love

Fanfiction Title: Faulting, Falling (pulling, pushing)
Chapter Title: Not Enough
Author: shiina_nozumo
Fandom: Instant Star
Pairings: Tommy/Jude
Theme/Prompt: Five Stages of Love - Attraction
Rating: G
Word Count: 109 (I'm so bad with this. -_-'')
A/N: Not beta'd. AU but has some spoiler-ish stuff. This is kind of like a prologue. I'm not sure about the kiss since I never saw that part so it's rather vague.

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cute schuldig&crawford by ladyjaida

Weiß Kreuz; Crawford/Schuldig; Five Stages of Change - Beginning

Title: All Ye Who Enter Here
Author: Daegaer
Theme: Five Stages of Change - Beginning
Fandom: Weiß Kreuz
Pairing: Crawford/Schuldig
Rating: PG
Notes: Brad is fourteen here, while Schuldig is nine.

Brad's disgusted to have a new kid foisted on him. Get him settled in, Crawford, he thinks in carefully shielded annoyance. He's not a babysitter, he's one of Rosenkreuz's best students. He doesn't like this kid.

"I wanna go home," the kid whines again.

"Tough. Telepaths need training."

"I'm not!"

Brad glares at the distressed pointy little face, the carroty hair, the scared blue eyes. I'm gonna beat seven shades of snot outta you, he thinks viciously.

The kid flinches.

"Why? What'd I do?"

"Not a telepath, huh?" Brad sneers.

Accept it, he thinks. Abandon hope --

The kid's shoulders slump.