May 18th, 2006

Bleach - Aizen: Thoughts by yachiru

CSI/CSI: NY - Greg Sanders/Lindsay Monroe, Five Dates

Title: So It Begins...Again...
Author/Artist: Ragna
Claim: Greg Sanders/Lindsay Monroe
Theme: First Five Dates (Date #1)
Rating: PG
Author's Note (if applicable): Set in an AU set up in the WIP fic Things Keep Moving On. All you really need to know is that it's 2010, Greg's at the NYPD instead of the LV labs now, and that Lindsay and Danny had dated and when it ended, they spent the next two years barely talking to each other. This fic takes place after What Happened Before.
barbarella - any minute now

Gundam Wing, 1x2x3x4x5, five colors

title: Composition #10
author: windsor blue
theme: five colors (Mondrian's palette - blue, red, yellow, white, black)
rating: NC-17, just to be on the safe side
warnings: references to smutty situations, kinks, etc.
fandom: Gundam Wing
pairing: boypile - 1x2x3x4x5
word count: 486
note: The painting they're discussing is "Composition #10" by Piet Mondrian, and can be seen here.

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Hikaru no Go: Akira/Hikaru, Five Elements - Water

Title: Water and Time
Author: trensaddiction
Claim: Akira Touya/Hikaru Shindou, Hikaru no Go
Theme: Five Elements: Water
Rating: G

In a thousand years, a little stream can wear its way through stone. In a thousand years, a trickle of ice can carve canyons from mountains. In a thousand years the damp of the jungle can dissolve the iron tools of the ancients. But sometimes it does not take that long.

Akira looks across a few feet of sidewalk at the boy with the ridiculous hair. He will not let him slip away this time, cannot, this ignorant brat who so heedlessly washed away his certainties.

"Don't run away. Let's play right now."

Around them, the rain begins to fall.
【五月天】 i just want a revolution

Prince of Tennis: Tezuka/Fuji, five elements: air.

Title: _liminal space (1/5)
Author: evaporate.
Theme: Elements: Air - 1.
Fandom: Prince of Tennis - Tezuka/Fuji.
Rating: overall PG-13, 275 words.
A/N: [military AU] Character death, both major and minor. This also functions as a sort of prologue, hence the utter lack of dialogue. Checked for suckage by mari_yagami, though any residual suckage is my fault.

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