May 14th, 2006

sanzo by psychodragon

Rules & Guidelines

[1] Length: Fic should be either 100 words (drabble) or 250 min. to 500 max. for ficlets. Your choice. However, if you start out writing a drabble you must continue using that format for all remaining themes in that set.

Note:  Since this is this year's last round, I'm not going to be as picky about the ficlet word count. Drabbles are 100 words exactly. [Online Word Counter]. Don't worry, you won't get in trouble if your drabble is over or under a few words. Just try to keep that goal in mind.

[2] An announcement will be made each Monday at 12:01 AM EST (starting March 15th) signaling the beginning of each new stage/theme. You will have until 11:59 PM EST the following Sunday (21st) to post your reply. We'll not be accepting any late entries. Ack! Who am I kidding? I am weak! But please try to get it in on time.

Announcement Schedule: May 15, May 22, May 29, June 5 and June 12. (5 Week Stages)
Weekly Deadlines: May 21, May 28,  June 4, June 11 and June 18. (5 Week Stages)

[Seven Deadly Sins & Seven Virtues]
Announcement Schedule: May 15, May 22, May 29, June 5, June 12, June 19 and June 26. (7 Week Stages)
Weekly Deadlines: May 21, May 28,  June 4, June 11, June 18, June 25 and July 2. (7  Week Stages)

[3] We usually list themes in a specific order and ask that participants follow it. Not this round! You get to pick the order this time. Give this some thought and plan it out carefully.

[4] Please feel free to interpret each theme in whatever way you wish. Each drabble, ficlet or art piece can be self-contained, but all combined must create some sort of over-all story arc. Use each stage to tell us a story!

[5] Ratings may range from G to NC-17 as long as you label your fics and artwork properly. Artwork or anything over 100 words or that contains sensitive or explicit material or character death, must be placed behind cut tags.

[6] When you post, please use the following format:

Subject line: Fandom: pairing, theme
(i.e. Avatar: Zuko/Sokka, color: red)

Author's Note (if applicable):

[7] Please tag each entry you create. I should have all pairing and fandom tags entered by tonight.

Tagging Instructions:

1. Post your fic. Do not use the tags entry when posting.
2. Click on 'View your entry' after you've successfully posted your fic.
3. Click the 'Tag' button at the top of the post.
4. Find your claim's tags [fandom, pairing name and theme set ( i.e. bleach, ishida/ichigo, 1: first love)] in the selection box (scroll down to find it under your post). Select it, then click 'Save Changes'.

**Artists: Please add the 'art' tag along with your pairing, fandom and theme set tags.

[8] We'd prefer that you post your work to the community. This is so that if you should for some reason decide to delete your LJ in the future, we still have the post and your work archived for interested readers. Should you choose not to, please provide the correct subject and header information as well as a link to it's actual location.

[9] (Claim List) - I'll continue accepting claims until week one's deadline -- 11:59 PM EST May 21st, 2006.
foreplayangelfaith by foxglove_icons

Just a quick note...

I've noticed that tags that have not been previously used are only visible to the community admin. So I'll be tagging all first week entries. Please be sure to provide the correct subject and header information.
Life on Mars

House, M.D.: Greg House/Brittany House, virtues: faith

With the mod's permission, I'm posting these a whole ten minutes early before I leave on my vacation. I hope you enjoy.

Titles: Do You Love?, Crush, Picking Up The Pieces, Overdue, Mortal Causes
Fandom: House, M.D.
Pairing: Greg House/Brittany House
Prompt: #1 -- Faith
Word Count: 360, 398, 369, 369, 284
Rating: G to PG
Author's Notes: None really, no spoilers, a few pieces of outright fluff. I may have more of these down the line, possibly one or two more this evening (and probably a lot more when I get back in the country), but these'll do for now. Not related to the last stages I did for the same pairing.

24: Brittany House/Jake Hannigan, stages of change: beginning

Titles: September 3, 2005, January 30, 2006, January 14, 2007*, January 15, 2006, August 3, 2011*, Piece One*
Fandom: 24
Pairing: Brittany House/Jake Hannigan
Prompt: #1 -- Beginning
Word Count: 493, 465, 518, 500, 506, 404
Rating: G to PG
Author's Notes: Most of these stories deal with Brittany and Jake's canon adversarial friendship slash unresolved sexual tension. Those marked with an asterisk take place in a novel-canon AU where they are romantically involved. Stories are also done by dates in their history. The universe isn't my property, but both characters are. I may pump out another one or two of these by the end of the night.
Bleach - Aizen: Thoughts by yachiru

CSI: NY - Danny Messer/Christina Jensen, Five Rooms

Title: Getting Ideas To Formulate Coherently
Author/Artist: Ragna
Theme: Five rooms (ballistics lab)
Rating: PG
Author's Note (if applicable): This is in the same AU as my WIP Not What You Expected. Christina Jensen is mine. This is also a CSI: Miami/CSI: NY crossover verse, and while the Miami character is mentioned he isn't the primary focus, so it's classified as CSI: NY in my book. Also? The title references an inside joke...see icon for the quote.

24: Brittany House/Jake Hannigan, stages of change: beginning

Title: Release: 1
Fandom: 24
Pairing: Brittany House/Jake Hannigan
Prompt: #1 -- Beginning
Word Count: 449
Rating: PG
Summary: She wasn't part of the system.
Author's Notes: Part one of two. So, um, read this one before the one posted before it. I somehow posted this to the wrong place the first time.

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Chibi Me

[Drabbles] Gundam Wing: Trowa Barton/Quatre Winner, Five days of the workweek

Title: You and me
Theme: Five days of the workweek/Monday
Author/Artist: lil_1337
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and implied M/M sexual situation
Author's Note: Set within the Boss' Orders universe the week that Trowa and Quatre finally get together.

Much love to Anne for the beta!

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Saiyuki.:: Nii/Sanzo, Five days of the working week: Monday

Title: Fear keeps them closed
Author/Artist: ryuichinohikari
Five days of the working week:  M,T,W, Th, F.  (Snapshots of life.)
Rating: PG
Author's Note (if applicable): Working this a tad differently. Since Nii is a doctor I see M-F as a type of log style for him ^^, so it may
read oddly from what I've normally written.

Log One, Monday:

Patient Genjyo Sanzo refuses to respond. He lay there in wait upon the cold-slab of table. Watching him I move when he winces, checking over wounds and mending anything reopened. His struggles amuse me so, especially when he knows hopelessness. Humans are such frail creatures, but this one is different: he is a fighter and it shows on alabaster features.

He refuses to open his eyes, but I know him better than this. He cannot hide the fact that I as a doctor have to care for him fear keeps them closed, and bunny agrees with me.