April 7th, 2006

Crawford Thoughtful by athena8

Weiss Kreuz; Crawford/Schuldig; Trouble in Paradise - Break up (II)

Title: Alone
Author: Daegaer
Theme: Trouble in Paradise - Break Up (II)
Fandom: Weiß Kreuz
Pairing: Crawford/Schuldig
Rating: PG

Crawford couldn't sleep, found food tasteless. He suspected Schuldig, but got only sarcastic laughter if he said anything.

Schuldig was irrational, took everything too personally and should get over himself. Crawford needed him, needed his talents, his quick nasty mind, his quicker nasty laughter. They were partners, dammit.

This was all so stupid, just one of those unending personal complications that arose when they'd been too long between jobs. He should find it funny that Schuldig's self-appointed babysitting job seemed to involve as much steering Nagi away from him as it did keeping him away from Nagi.

He wasn't laughing.