April 4th, 2006

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Title: Aftermath.
Author: scarab_dynasty
Notes: For stagesoflove, stage #2 of Trouble in Paradise: First fight. Warnings: femslash suggestive ifyousquint…hard. Really hard. We’re getting there, I promise. These two take time.
Disclaimer: Ace Lightning characters are in no way my property, though it’s fun to mess them about.
Word Count: 520
Rating: PG

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Harry Potter - Harry/Draco - Five Stages of Love

Title: Crazy and Strange
Author: blue_icy_rose
Rating: PG
Stage: Romance
Summary: Harry's finally told Draco how he feels.
Disclaimer: They're not mine, I don't make any money from this. They belong to J.K. Rowling and I do this purely for the fun.
Author's Note: Well, I have to say that this wasn't exactly how I'd planned to write it but at this point, this is the closest these two are going to get to romance. It's a strange idea of romance, but hey. Anyway, enjoy and feedback's always welcome!

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Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel, First Fight: "Fight"

Title: Fight
Author: melayneseahawk
Theme: first fight
Rating: PG (language)
Author's Notes: also written for slash_100, prompt 052 (Angst); continuation of my series for the first run of stagesoflove; fake-cut to my writing journal, writers_island

(Fight | Prompt 052: Angst | PG | 350 words | 2 of 5)

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BSG, Helo/Boomer, Five Senses: Hearing

Title: The Buzzing of Bees
Author: lizardbeth_j
Pairing: Helo/Sharon
For the stagesoflove "Exploration of a Relationship through the Five Senses", Prompt 2: Hearing
Spoilers: LDYB2
Summary: Sharon won't listen.
Disclaimer: Battlestar Galactica is copyright to people who are not me. I certainly didn't make any money from it. The first line is poached from the ep.
WC: 560 words

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Feather Pens

Prince of Tennis: Tachibana Kippei/Tachibana An, Romance

Title: The Dancing of Lights
Author: Star Lin
Theme: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: An decided to take over on this one. Set near the end of Atobe’s Gift. Yes, I still don't have a beta for these stories.

Sun Drops and Water Rays

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Roy  - Lucifer Hisaki (Gen)

Prince of Tennis, Tezuka Kunimitsu/Echizen Ryoma, First Fight

Title: Scarring
Author: Lucifer Hisaki (luciferhisaki)
Theme: Trouble in Paradise: First Fight
Fandom: Tenipuri
Pairing: Tezuka Kunimitsu/Echizen Ryoma
Rating: R for Language and Sexual Implications
AN: Please read notes at the Top of Post for more Information on what I am doing. Direct Continuation of Late Night.

( Scarring )
Roy  - Lucifer Hisaki (Gen)

Prince of Tennis, Sanada Genichirou/Echizen Ryoma, Excitement

Title: Temptation
Author: Lucifer Hisaki (luciferhisaki)
Theme: Five Stages of Sexual Response: Excitement
Fandom: Tenipuri
Pairing: Sanada Genichirou/Echizen Ryoma
Rating: PG
AN: Please read notes at the Top of Post for more Information on what I am doing. Direct Sequel to Stray.

( Temptations )
Chibi Me

New series Tomrrow people, Megabyte Damon/Adam Newman, Break up

Title: A little bit of patience.
Theme: Trouble in paradise - break up
Fandom: New series Tomorrow People
Pairings: Megabyte Damon/Adam Newman, Jade Weston/Kevin Wilson, past Jade Weston/Megabyte Damon
Rating: R for language
Word count: 500
Warnings/Spoilers: swearing, angst
Summary: Trouble in paradise scenario for the stages of love community. Set within the Dream team universe.

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Title: Fighting Dreamers
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Gaara/Naruto
Characters: Naruto, Gaara, Sakura, Tsunade
Rating: T+
Warnings: Spoilers for chapter 175+ (rough estimate), OOCness (because I forgot that this was supposed to be AFTER the timeskip) and boyboy... nothing too bad though. Cussing as well.
Theme: Trouble in Paradise, First Fight
Notes: Erm... wow. Look at all those warnings. This time I was over the limit by nine words and then I rewrote a few things and it dropped down to 498. Hope you enjoy. (the random Akatsuki will be releaved later as one big headache for the kages)

(So he did the only logical thing. He punched the Kazekage of Sand...)
[I am the king] Pein.

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Title: Forced... or not so forced, Engagement
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Hints of Neji/Hinata (still)
Characters: Hyuuga Hinata, Hyuuga Neji
Rating: K or G
Warnings: Spoilers for chapter 175+ (rough estimate), AU (I mean look at the LJ-cut line I used)
Theme: Five Stages of Love, Romance
Notes: Still lagging on the whole "couple" thing. Maybe I'll fix it up next chapter. *pokes this chapter* *sighs*

Remember: There are SPOILERS in here.

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Stargate: Atlantis, Radek Zelenka/Rodney McKay, Trouble in Paradise (First Fight)

Title: Nothing of the Kind
Author/Artist: everysecondtues
Theme: Trouble in Paradise (Jealousy)
Author's Note: Follow up to Jealousy, which was betaed by milenaa, whom I was remiss in not crediting last time. She didn't beta this one, but only because I was bad and didn't get this written until a couple hours ago.

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Life on Mars

House M.D. -- Greg House/Brittany House -- "Drive"

Title: Drive
Characters/Pairing: Brittany House/Greg House
Prompt: #3 -- Passion
Word Count: 378
Rating: PG
Summary: She knows all about passion, and he taught her how it could burn her alive.
Author's Notes: Takes place in retrospective of certain events that happened within the relationship's canon, but you should be able to follow it regardless, as it's only a minor mention of a key event.

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Life on Mars

House M.D. -- Greg House/Brittany House -- "Busted"

Title: Busted
Characters/Pairing: Brittany House, James Wilson; Greg House/Brittany House
Prompt: #3 -- Passion
Word Count: 478
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Safe (04/04/06)
Summary: It's hard to fly if you don't believe all the time. -- Jets to Brazil, "Air Traffic Control"
Author's Notes: Post-episode for Safe, in which Brittany and Wilson have a confrontation; if you haven't seen that episode, don't read this. There aren't major spoilers but it takes away one of the best gags of the hour.

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