April 2nd, 2006

Saiyuki -Hakkai/Sanzo - " make-up/make-up sex" [ Trouble in Paradise ]

Title:        Subtle Apologies
Author/Artist: Ryuichinohikari
Words : 500
Theme: Trouble in Paradise
Prompt : #2 make-up/make-up sex
Rating:  PG
Characters/Pairings : Hakkai/ Sanzo
Author's Note (if applicable): Part two of , The blush that lit the flame.[ First Fight ] .

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Tim thinks too much... then again, Dick doesn't exactly make it easy.

Title: Listening, But Not.
Author: scarab_dynasty
Notes: For stagesoflove, stage #2 of Exploration of a Relationship Through The Five Sense: Hearing.
Warnings: slightly more than suggestive slash. We’re getting there.
Disclaimer: Timothy Drake and Dick Grayson are copyrighted by DC Comics Industries and as such, I have no legal claim to their fine selves.
Word Count: 500 (I don’t cut corners, do I?)
Rating: PG12… getting up towards iffiness here.

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Captain Canary - leaning over look

Fic: His - Harry/Draco - Trouble in Paradise

Title: His
Author: blue_icy_rose
Rating: PG-13
Stage 1: Jealousy
Summary: Draco doesn't share. And Harry Potter is his.
Disclaimer: Oh, I wish they were mine. Wouldn't that be nifty? Sadly though, they're not. They belong to J.K. Rowling which means that I'm doing this only for fun.
Author's Note: I'm not sure if this is going to take place in the same 'verse as the set of drabbles I'm doing for Harry/Draco in the Five Stages of Love challenge, but it's a possibility that this'll take place after the last one. Just figure I'd give fair warning. Anyway, the next drabble should be out tomorrow or the day after. Hope you guys enjoy and feedback is always welcome!

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Exploration of a relationship through the five senses - Hearing. Seifer/Squall

Title: Laughter and Leather, and Breathe respectively
Author: darksquall
Stage #2 – Hearing
Exploration of a Relationship Through The Five Senses
Disclaimer: the characters contained herein are the property of Squarenix.
Word Count: 500 and 494 each
Rating: er… PG at most.
I noticed that you could submit more than one drabble for a prompt. That’s what inspired the second one.

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Tony Stark - Ironman Flying

Giles/Ethan, Five Senses, Hearing, G

Challenge: stagesoflove, Five Senses, Hearing
Author: Trekker (47_trek_47)
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Giles/Ethan
Rating: G
Words: 100

Ethan lays on the airline-supplied hotel bed with his hands laced behind his head and his eyes closed. He listens as Rupert speaks to his Slayer, an ocean away. "Yes, we're fine. Just a bloody blizzard canceling all the connecting flights."

He'd once considered Rupert's soft, cultured tones all his own. Only alone together would Ripper let his atrocious attempt at that working-class twang drop, to murmur in Ethan's ear in his real voice.

Now that voice is his only voice.

Jealousy snaps its teeth in his chest as Rupert says, "Goodnight, Buffy," deep and smooth and soft.