March 21st, 2006

Vamp! Xander/Willow by wickedprincess3, taste by wickedprincess3

On your mark...

[1] I'll make a post to announce the beginning of the challenge at 12:01 AM EST.

[2] Remember that you will only be answering the first theme of your set(s) (March 22 - March 28). For example, if you picked Buffy/Angelus and are attempting the Five Stages of Sexual Response theme set,  your first post would be a reply to the theme of 'desire'.  It's five themes over five weeks, folks. 

[3] There is no limit to the number of drabbles or ficlets you may post per week (for that week's theme).

[4] Drabbles are 100 words exactly. [Online Word Counter]
Don't worry, you won't get in trouble if your drabble is over or under a few words. Just try to keep that goal in mind.  Ficlets:  No less than 250 and no more than 500 words. Again, going a little under or over is not the end of the world, but please try to keep it from going too long. Remember that this is a challenge!

[5]  Each drabble/ficlet can stand alone, but when combined must make up a part of a whole story arc.  Plan it out carefully.

[6] Rules and Guidelines can be found here.

[7] Thank you all for participating. Have fun and challenge yourself. Happy writing!
and such a long journey, the heart expands to claim this world, bring me that horizon, anywhere but here, I need things on a grander scale

Saiyuki, Sanzo/Goku, Five Senses

Series Title: Hungry
Title: Sunbeam Flaring
Author: Brigdh
Theme: Five Senses- Sight
Rating: G
Author's Note: Titles taken from 'I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair' by Pablo Neruda


Everyone's always talking about the way Sanzo looks, saying he's really special or beautiful or whatever. Goku doesn't get it. Sanzo has a nose and eyes and hair and all the other parts, so it's not his face that makes him different.

Goku likes to watch Sanzo sometimes, anytime really, because Sanzo's always doing something interesting. But everyone worrying about the color of his eyes are missing the best part.

Sanzo glares over his newspaper, annoyed, and everything that makes him Sanzo is clear as if it shone, anger and restlessness and confidence. "What are you staring at?"

Goku grins.