March 11th, 2006

vampire bait by literati

Ch ch ch changes...

Ok, slight change I need to inform you guys of. The OGs, the stages of love themes, will become the default for this community. It will always be an option for members no matter what round they are participating in. (Thanks, Rana!)

So we have four options this round and only this round, folks. Future rounds will offer members only three: stages of love + 2 more (determined by vote).

This round's options are: Five Stages of Love, Five Stages of Sexual Arousal, Trouble in Paradise and Exploring the Relationship Through the Five Senses (unless the poll numbers change drastically between now and Monday).

I'll begin taking claims on Monday. Remember you can do tackle one set of themes, two, three or all four, using the same pairing or mixing it up. (For example, say I'm darkhavens *koff* and I've been dying to write some porny Winchester fic, so I'd think about claiming Sam/Dean and the five stages of arousal... maybe Sam riding with Dean after a particularly heated argument and there's sidelong glances and yeah...there's fisting of hands and biting of lips and and . Ahem. But then there's my boys, my original OTP, Spike/Xander and well, the exploring through five senses themes would be a blast to know vampire = heightened senses and yeah...*wibbles*).

Sound good?

eta: What about allowing a pairing to be claimed more than once as long as it's not for the same set of themes? Say, I'm merith and I claim Duo/Heero for the trouble in paradise themes, would it be okay if someone else come along to claim them for let's say, stages of arousal. Is that a no go? Should they be yours and only yours for the duration of the round?

Pairings can be claimed more than once as long as it's not for the same set of themes.