March 9th, 2006

sanzo by psychodragon

And a second round is a go! (March 22 - April 25)

Due to popular demand, we're back for another round. Yay! This is of the good, right? *crickets chirping* Right?

Now, here's the thing... you'll have to decide which themes you're going to tackle this time around. Last year's second round was all about the Five Stages of Sexual Response (1. Desire, 2. Excitement, 3. Plateau of Arousal, 4. Orgasm, and 5. Resolution). Now for those who don't want to go the porny route, there's always the OG (five stages of love) to fall back on or you can suggest another challenge topic by filling in the text box below. Topics collected (and stages of love) will then be voted on by members and voila! we'll have our second option.

Poll #687694 Stages of Love 2nd Round

Suggestions for challenge themes