March 5th, 2006

Stage Five: Commitment

Title: Rule Breakers.
Author: scarab_dynasty
Theme: </b> #5 - Commitment
Rating: All
Pairing: Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon
Fandom: DC Comics
Word Count: 111/600
Disclaimer: Not mine, make no claim, earn no profit.
Summary: One thing about Dick – he’d liked buildings. Mainly, because you could jump off them.
Notes: Tim’s a bit flat. I didn’t have the words available to add more character and I STILL went over X( Oh well.

I have here two versions. One is the 100 worder (exactly) and the other is the 600 worder that it came out as originally. Think of them what you will.

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Harry Potter - Snape/Lupin (Commitment)

Title: Caustic (A Love Story in Five Acts)
Author: Snegurochka
Theme: Commitment
Rating: PG
Warnings: Well, if we're still warning for HBP spoilers, this one features the mother of all of them. :)
Word count: 498
Previous Parts: Act 1: Attraction | Act 2: Romance | Act 3: Passion | Act 4: Intimacy

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I have to admit, I never thought this challenge would be such an utter delight, or garner this level of response, when I signed up for it! Thank you to the mods for letting me write Snape/Lupin, and to everyone who has been following this miniature story. ♥
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[Crossover - Gundam Wing/Dark is Rising] - Will/Quatre #5

Title: The Meaning of Forever
Author: Starsinger dysisfaye
Theme: # 5 - Commitment
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: This has done nothing to disabuse me of the notion that I am not a drabble writer (at least not in the 250-500 word length). Again you can find the longer version on my writing LJ. Or at least you will be able to when I get it up there in the next day or so. Much has been cut out of this one (it was originally over a thousand), and if you want to see Will's angsty musings (and visitor), that's where to find it.

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Don tame my mind

Numb3rs Don/OFC

Title: Hero Found
Author: DaniKitten (umbralillium)
Theme: #5 Commitment
Rating: G
Author's Notes: This has been so much fun for me. It's helped a lot with getting the tempo of Don and Cassandra's relationship down in my head. Actually, it's done that for all three pairings that I wrote over the last few weeks, but moreso with Don and Cassandra since I hadn't really written anything concerning their relationship, yet. Hopefully this will give me the impetus to continue writing their relationship. : ) As always, thanks go to jestana for the beta work.

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