March 3rd, 2006

Stargate SG1--Daniel & Janet

STARGATE SG1—Daniel & Janet
Title: Commitment
Author: sjhw_tolerance
Theme: Commitment
Rating: All ages


“I’m the marrying type, you know.”

Janet looked up from the medical journal she was idly leafing through. Daniel peered at her from the opposite end of the sofa; eyebrows raised and guileless blue eyes peering at her from over his glasses.

“You did know that, didn’t you?”

Joy swelled within her breast even as fear threatened to paralyze. Marriage hadn’t worked out so good for her before, but maybe this time…. “Yes,” she calmly replied and smiled, flipping a page in her magazine.

“Good,” he said, the newspaper rustling as he picked it up again. “Just so we’re clear.”
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