February 4th, 2006

Adam Dodgers

The Magnificent Seven, Chris/Vin

Title: A New Acquaintance
Author: DaniKitten
Theme: #1 Attraction
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Modern-day AU. Backgrounds are pretty much the same for all the guys. Chris runs a horse ranch down in New Mexico, Sarah died because of breast cancer, and Adam is still alive. His horse trainer recently moved on and he's interviewing prospects. Enter Vin.

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Stargate SG1--Daniel & Janet

Title: Attraction
Author: sjhw_tolerance
Theme: Attraction
Rating: All ages


Janet wasn’t sure when it happened. He wasn’t even her type, after all. And in the beginning, he’d been married and besides, she had vowed long ago to never, ever get involved with a patient.

But…time passed and circumstances changed. And maybe she had changed, because one day he walked into the briefing room and she felt something long buried beneath endless hours of work, worry and parenting flutter experimentally in her chest.

He smiled at her, blue eyes twinkling and from one heart beat to the next it occurred to her that maybe he was her type, after all.
joker(nurse grimace)

Naruto, Kankurou/Sakura, Stage 1: Attraction

Title: Heated Games

Author: darkemptyheart/DarkSeductress

Theme: Attraction

Rating: PG-13 for swearing and dirty thoughts

Author's Notes: This takes place 2 years after the time-skip and Sasuke is back (though that might not matter much).

Word Count: 500 (Heated 250 and Games 250, which is done entirely on purpose)

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