January 20th, 2006

the Pros by lynnmonster

Love is in the air!

What: Stages of Love 2006
When: February 1 -- March 7, 2006 (five weeks)

Theme: Five Stages of Love [Attraction, Romance, Passion, Intimacy and Commitment].

How it works: Participants will submit a list of three pairings (no more than 2 from the same fandom). A pairing/pairings will be assigned to them (out of the three submitted). If you prefer one over the others, please let me know and stake your claim. The writer will then have to focus on that particular pairing for the duration of the challenge.

Word Limit: *The word count is no less than 250 with a max of 500. Want to stick to the drabble format? Perfectly ok, too. No more or less than 100 words, please.

Leave a comment below with your pairing choices.

Please go forth and pimp the heck out of this.

Last year's contributions can be found here.