May 16th, 2005

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[Round 3] Gluttony --BloodRayne-- Rayne "Trap"

Title: Trap
Author: Ariyana
Fandom: BloodRayne
Character: Rayne
Special Guest: Mina from LXG and Seras Victoria from Hellsing
Rating: [16+] Mature Audience
Challenge: Round 3: #5 Gluttony
Disclaimer: BloodRayne is the property of Terminal Reality and Majesco. LXG is the property of 20th Century Fox. Hellsing belongs to Kouta Hirano
Word Count: 500
Notes: I couldn't help but have a little fun with these three. Considering this is so last minute it was all I could produce. It is set in Hellsing's Anime verse and has some shoujo-ai/yuri/femme-slash elements. Mostly implied nothing graphic because I don't do graphic anything very well. This would probably take place present day so Mina is well over a 100 years old and Rayne is 70 or 80 something I think.

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Title: Wrath
Author: Nur (fleshlycherry)
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Character: Teal'c (Teal'c/Shan'auc)
Challenge Topic: Wrath
A/N #1: For those of you who didn't do so well in Goa'uld Language Studies: shol'va=traitor, Tok'ra=literally, "against Ra", also used as the name for the group of former Goa'uld who oppose the System Lords.
A/N #2: I loves me my Stargate AU something fierce. Do not expect adherance to cannon. Also, these will be unconnected (as far as plot goes) ficlets ranging from 100-500 words. Enjoy.
A/N #3: Takes place during the ep Window of Opportunity when O'Neill and Teal'c are looping through the same day over and over again a la Groundhog Day

I know this is very late, but work and real life have been getting in the way of my muses lately and I'm working to catch up :)

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