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Title: Spark
Author: Raz
Theme: Attraction
Rating: PG
Pairing: Wufei/Trowa
Notes: I am kind of confused on how many words it's allowed to be ._. so I'm sorry if I broke a rule! Also, this whole tagging business is new to me, and for some reason they went work! ^^; So that's why this entry went all disappeary.

Trowa would say something and it was all that Wufei could do to not burst into the conversation and say something to rebut that. Trowa would come up with a quick retort that left Wufei’s mind spinning with its simple brilliance. Of course, Wufei didn’t let his brain recover from the haze of vertigo before plunging into an argument that could range from a broad a subject as politics to the most specific detail of the Preventers’ policy on married officers working in the organization.

Talking to Trowa was akin to taking a drug, a little bit at a time. At first it seemed harmless – Wufei might be talking to someone next to the water cooler and Trowa would walk out of his office and offer his opinion, and bang. Every time Trowa spoke, it was a challenge. A glove that had been tossed out onto the drawbridge.

Wufei could hardly back down from a challenge, now could he?

A devilish glint igniting in his eye, he would start ranting about the subject, leaving pause for Trowa’s calm commentary.

One day, walking towards the water cooler, bracing himself for yet another intellectual battle, he heard two of his coworkers whisper a conversation as they refreshed themselves.

“Don’t you think Chang and Barton would make a nice couple?” One asked in a hushed voice. The other gasped and laughed a little, but the owner of the first voice shushed her.

“I don’t know, Tai...all they ever do is argue! Besides, you know that Officer Barton is always hanging around Mr. Winner.”

“I know...but, still...they’d make quite the pair.”

Wufei leaned against the wall. ‘Quite the pair’, hmm...?
Tags: chang wufei/trowa barton
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