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DC Comics, Batman/Flash (Bruce Wayne/Wally West)

Title: The First Step.
Author: amejisuto
Theme: #1- Attraction
Rating: PG
Pairing: Batman/Flash (Bruce Wayne/Wally West)
Fandom: DC Comics
Word Count: 500
Disclaimer:Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Summary: Bruce things about past loves, and a possible future one.
Posted at: Written for stagesoflove and posted at my live journal and batfic.
Beta'd by the lovely kitty_poker1.
Notes: In my head, this one of the back stories for my series Ordinary Heroes. It will be Batman/Flash as a background pairing, so I thought I'd tell the story of how they got together.

The First Step.

He had always been attracted to strong people, Talia and Selina being just two of them. By necessity, his personality had to be rather...forceful. Assertive.


It was always refreshing when someone wasn't intimidated by his personality; it always made Bruce sit up and take notice. The people who saw behind both the Batman mask and the playboy one and tried to find the real person inside. Many times that had meant he was attracted to the wrong person. He had tried it with Selina but they had too much of a past as adversaries to work as lovers. They were friends and he trusted her to watch over the East End. That did mean something but wasn't enough to base a relationship on. They were too similar.

Talia was a subject best left alone. There’d been days when he had been convinced that she was his perfect match in nearly every way. Strength, determination, commitment to a cause. The problem with her was the fact that she was more committed to her megalomaniac of a father than she had ever been to him. No, Talia was best left in the past, or on the opposite side of the planet.

This time it was different. Oh, it wasn't the fact that the person he was attracted to was male; despite his reputation as a ladies’ man in the press, his own personal tastes ran more to strength of character and personality than what was, as Flash would say, under the hood.

And it wasn't the first time he’d been attracted to someone in the Justice League either. He and Diana had danced around each other for some time, until she decided she didn't care for some of his darker personality traits. But Flash, Wally, either ignored them or was amused by them. He was different. At times Batman had intimidated nearly ever member of the League by sheer force of will, including Superman. It wasn't much sometimes, only a flinch, but he could see it and knew he'd managed to scare one of the strongest beings on the planet.

Not that he enjoyed that. Much.

Wally was different. For one thing, while Batman could back him down, he never stayed intimidated. Five minutes later he'd be back, his momentary fear of Batman forgotten as ancient history. Others saw him as a kid or a slacker and, to tell the truth, Bruce had thought of him that way at first. That was until he realized that, as a speedster, Wally would get bored easily and could then be distracted by just about anything.

Once Batman had taken that into account, Bruce looked at Wally in a whole new light. He was an accomplished mechanic as well, and on more than one occasion had given Bruce ideas for the Batmobile.

All of these thoughts led to only one conclusion. Bruce finally had to admit it to himself: he was attracted to Wally. Now he just had to do something about it.

Tags: bruce wayne/wally west, dc comics
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