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Harry Potter, Ginny/Luna

Title: Electric
Author: rosehiptea
Theme: Attraction
Rating: G
Cross-posted to hp_girlslash.

Luna Lovegood is electric. Ginny's father taught her that word and did his best to explain it, and now she is sure it must be something like this. Right now, Luna's skin is iridescent, and her hair is spread out in a corona around her face. Tiny white sparks arc from Luna toward Ginny.

"Isn't it fun?" Luna asks.

"Well, you'd have to teach me the charm, or whatever it is, for me to know," says Ginny a bit crossly.

Luna can be annoying, with those staring eyes and weird habits. She's wearing earrings shaped like garlic cloves, as if being electric weren't enough. Or perhaps they are real and part of some protective spell; Ginny isn't sure she wants to know.

"Just touch me," replies Luna, reaching for Ginny's hand.

First she feels a shock, like her arm is shaking. Then it's like her whole body has fallen hard onto stone, though she is still standing. Ginny watches as the shimmering light travels up her own freckled arms, feels her own hair stand out.

"I must look like a hedgehog," she mutters.

She feels that she isn't meant to be luminous like some people are. And the electricity, if that is its name, is traveling all over her body, making her tremble. Luna squeezes her hand and smiles.

"You're very pretty, actually," says Luna, looking her straight in the eye.

Ginny has never heard Luna call anyone pretty. And she says it softly and shyly, the way a boy would say it when he was about to ask for a date. Luna's silvery eyes seem to suit her now, and Ginny discovers that she likes looking into them after all.

She stops this train of thought, lets go of Luna's hand. But it's too late to take the touch back, and she is certain now that Luna Lovegood does not need a spell to be electric.
Tags: attraction, ginny weasley/luna lovegood, harry potter
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